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The Rest of the Kingdom

The following regions within the Kingdom of Exiles have been used in games and campaigns. Please get permission from the relevant GMs before using them. If you would like to add a location to this list, please email the committee – be aware that locations need to have appeared in a minimum of three games before they can be added.

Exiles Rest

The capital of the Kingdom of Exiles as a whole, and the seat of Prince Lazar.

Port Pilchard (James G)

A hive of scum and villainy on the west coast of the Kingdom, Port Pilchard regularly changes hands as a succession of Barons, Dukes and Earls fail to bring it under control. During Baron Van Heusen’s tenure, several drow plots have been foiled and various pirates have been seen coming and going. The most infamous tavern is the Under New Management, formerly known as the Salty Seaman.

The Grey Earldom (Darren E.)

These are the lands claimed by Earl Grey. The Earldom is Might-aligned and not exactly friendly with the Barony Van Heusen, not least because Barony patrols keep managing to accidentally invade or, in extreme cases, blow up bits of it.

The Black Forest (Darren E.)

Huge and ancient, the Black Forest forms the border between the Grey Earldom and the Barony Van Heusen. Little is known of the forest, in fact its size is only rivalled by the range of mysteries it contains. There is known to be a semi-active volcano in the area, and a wide variety of very strange creatures and wildmen.

The Barony Lannister (James A.)

Baron Lannister was formerly Captain Lannister, a respected member of the Defenders working in the Barony Van Heusen. In 98AE he defected and took control of a large chunk of the Barony’s north-western reaches (on the far side of the Tormontberg Mountains) with the help of hordes of orcs. He now runs it as a Might-aligned Barony in which humans and orcs co-habit semi-peacefully; in 109 AE the Baron Van Heusen agreed to help support his claim and make it a Barony in truth in exchange for a mutual protection pact.

The capital is Lannistadt. The shortest route between Lannistadt and Heusenberg is the Rybek Pass. Lannister is the home of Lannister Brie, a little known (for good reason) soft cheese.

The Borderlands (Ruth S, Dave S, Dominic D and Joe S)

The site of a major planar incursion when a Might-aligned plane attempted to break through to steal the resources of the Kingdom.

Waygate (Steve E and Caroline E)

A city-state on the eastern edge of the Kingdom, Waygate only recently decided to form an alliance and as such has many different laws and customs compared to the Kingdom proper. Its chief difference is the close intertwining of its populace and its pantheon, the latter of which is even more unusual due to its members embodying aspects of multiple Paths and having magical components to their divinity.

Scara’Fould’s/Johen’s Barony (Ryan L.)

Scara’Fould’s Barony was established for the on-going expansion of the Kingdom. The majority of its citizens hailed from the Barony Van Heusen, heading out into the wilderness searching for adventure and fortune. Utilising a ruined fort as its base camp, Scara’Fould’s Barony’s development was brought to a halt when the Scarab Desert Raiders (a Hassani regiment) arrived in the area claiming the lands and fort to be theirs.

A war between the two people ensued. Through arguably ethically questionable methods (the use of contagious diseases and an alliance with a rival Hassani organisation, the secretive “Black Clad Men”) the Kingdom forces gained the upper hand in the conflict. These very methods led to a division amongst the Kingdom forces and eventually resulted in Baron Scara’Fould being usurped by Guard Captain Johen.

Later, Guard Captain Johen’s control of the Scara’Fould Barony was officially recognised. The Barony has hence been colloquially referred to as Johen’s Barony but was left as little more than an outpost. In recent years, tentative trade has been established with the Scarabs and Johen’s Barony, though small, has gained stability and limited prosperity.

The Sand Sea (Ryan L.)

A vast swathe of land turned to rolling sand dunes by ritual activities of the Scarab Desert Raiders.

Emeras (Andy G., Louisa B.)

Emeras does not exist. Definitely. It’s just ocean.

The Duchy of Riversmerge (Judith O./Warren J.)

The Duchy of Riversmerge is a relatively small, Freedom-aligned Duchy on the southern border on the Kingdom (west of Johen’s Barony, northeast of Amazon lands, south of the Barony Van Heusen) that’s mostly formed of river delta and swamp.

The current Duchess is Lady Saelaem of Riversmerge.

As the Duchy is Freedom-aligned, it has a relatively relaxed attitude to a lot of things; retired Pathfinder Overcaptain Helena Merrick keeps her magical menagerie on the grounds of one of the Lady’s residences on the Crown’s behalf, and due to relatively easy access from the rivers it’s considered a prime location for Artificers, Artisans and other tinkerers who want freedom to work away from Exile’s Rest without too much difficulty in acquiring materials and information.

Unfortunately, this made it the perfect place to site the Highly Experimental Crafting Division, a joint effort between the Artisans, Artificers, Circle and Temple of Freedom to create useful new gizmos to improve the lives of the everyday citizenry of the Kingdom of Exiles. What they mostly seem to actually produce is Wacky Shenanigans.