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LARP is a contact sport and does have some risks, but we want everyone to go home healthy and happy. Therefore we have some important safety rules and guidelines.

Everyone must receive a safety briefing before their first game, and we hold regular refresher sessions before games. You can view the full safety guidelines if you want to understand things in more detail.

Combat Safety

The biggest risk for serious injury comes when we are fighting and running around the site.

Moving Around

We play on beautiful hillside woodlands, which means that terrain can be steep, muddy or rocky. Some areas are unsafe for fighting due to poor footing, steep drops or trip hazards. Never fight in an unsafe area, and remember that some areas can be made unsafe by bad weather.

Always stay aware of your surroundings and look out for other people if they are backing into something. Be aware of hazards on the ground (rocks, people, trees) and in the air (weapons moving, low-hanging branches). It’s always okay to pause the fight and shuffle it to safer ground.

Safe Fighting

We have rules about the way we fight to make sure that people don’t get hurt OOC. These include:

Restricted Skills

Some combat skills have an extra OOC risk if performed unsafely, so we require you to show an experienced member that you can perform them safely.

Looking After Yourself

We larp in all kinds of weather and games usually last at least four or five hours, so it is your responsibility to make sure you are adequately prepared for an active day outdoors.

First Aiders

Each game will have at least one qualified First Aider assigned to be responsible for handling any first aid incidents. We carry a stocked first aid kit on all games.

When you sign up to the website you will be asked to fill in your first aid notes. Please include anything that is relevant as we cannot help you if we do not know a problem exists. Keep your first aid notes up to date and inform the game First Aider of any additional or short-term problems which may affect the game.

Mental and Emotional Safety

LARP can sometimes deal with dark topics such as death, suffering and prejudice. Our Code of Conduct specifies how such topics should be treated and rape and sexual assault are not permitted roleplay topics.

If you ever feel OOC unsafe or unhappy, it is your right to remove yourself from the situation and/or ask for an alternate resolution. You don’t have to explain why or justify your reasons. If you ever have any concerns, the GM and committee are available to help resolve them.