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The Amazonian Lands

Amazons are all-female tribes of humans who roam across the deserts, plains and forests south-west of the Kingdom. They typically follow the Path of Nature and are best recognised by their distrust of men and belief in the superiority of women. By some quirk of Nature they can only bear female children.

The Kingdom does not have any formal treaties with Amazon tribes, but some do choose to visit the Kingdom. They make excellent warriors and their upbringing helps them resist attacks made by men. They often wear furs and tribal markings.

There are no Amazon mages as their society lacks the basic educational level for studying magic.

Amazons are effectively a race despite being human. See Amazons in the Player Rules for more statting info, including restrictions and bonuses, or Amazons in the LARP System for thoughts on playing an Amazon.

Please bear in mind that while the Amazons themselves are often deeply sexist you must obey the Code of Conduct and make sure people are comfortable OOC while monstering as an Amazon.

Some players have created Amazon tribes. If you would like to use one of these tribes on a game, please contact the creator for permission.