Character Refs

What’s a Character Ref?

The Character Ref is the behind-the-scenes control element of the whole system – they look after everything from rules updates to character quirks to rewards/punishments and so on. Because this is such a key role with a lot of work involved we have a small team of people to manage it all.

To contact the Character Ref team, send an email to

The Team

Character Ref

The Character Ref is the lead of the team, ultimately responsible for all rules changes and setting decisions. They also have a place on the Committee.

Photo of James in kit When it comes to pulling together odd character builds, researching unusual spells and testing the boundaries of casting lists, James is certainly one of the club’s go-getters. He also has a knack for helping out when other GMs get out of their depth, and tries to keep games fun by whatever method suits the style.

James is also entirely responsible for, although not the creator of, Trader Joe. If this doesn’t fill you with fear yet it’s only a matter of time…

Character Ref Minions

Character Ref Minions are assistants to the main Character Ref role; they help do updates, make calls on games where the Character Ref isn’t in attendance, and generally make life easier.

Photo of Dave in kit Dave remembers when all this was fields. One of the oldest surviving members of the club, he brings his long experience in both TL and other larp systems to the PCRM role. He’s also bringing a veritable mountain of terrible puns, (as he says ‘on tor’) surprise attacks and gleeful running around doing silly voices (or as he calls them ‘voices’) to balance it out.

Probationary Character Ref Minion

The Probationary Character Ref Minion is someone who wants to learn what it’s like being a part of the Character Ref team – the role is elected, can only be taken up once by a member, and lasts for one year.

Chris in kit The main impression one gets of Chris – whether he’s being himself or one of his characters – is that of big, beaming enthusiasm and good-natured roguishness. He’s throwing that enthusiasm into the Minion role this year, possibly channeling the same determination that one otherwise would associate with certain Might priests and rowing boats…

Settings Ref(s)

The role of the Settings Ref is to provide a sense of a consistent setting and gameworld on a ongoing basis beyond what can be and is done by GMs on one-shot and campaign arcs. In particular their focus is on the Kingdom of Exiles and the Barony Van Heusen, though GMs may wish to confer with the Settings Ref on relevant interactions between their plot areas and the Kingdom as a whole. The Settings Ref is a Character Ref Minion, and a member of the Character Refs team.