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The Highlands

North of the Kingdom lies the Highlands, a mountainous region populated by hardy northern clans. There used to be many clashes between highlanders and Kingdom Defenders, but currently there is a general truce. Some clans are specifically allied with the Kingdom, and others are enemies, but barbarians are welcome in the Kingdom and are a common sight on patrols.

Barbarian clans are completely human, and they have a deep mistrust of non-human races. They fear and hate magic, and will not allow anyone but a barbarian witch-doctor to cast spells on them or their possessions. Mages are regarded as, at best, weaklings, and at worst, greedy beings possessed by spirits and demons.

Each clan has a witch doctor or shaman, who conducts rituals or ceremonies to cast magic or miracles respectively.

Barbarians make remarkable warriors and can enter berserk rages that make them incredibly strong. They are easily recognised by their Scottish/Irish/Geordie/other Northern-sounding accents and many proudly display their clan tartan. Some dislike the term barbarian and prefer to be called highlanders.

Barbarians are effectively a race despite being human. See Barbarians in the Player Rules for more statting info, including restrictions and bonuses, or Barbarians in the LARP system for thoughts on playing a Barbarian.

Some players have created Barbarian clans. If you would like to use one of these clans on a game, please contact the creator for permission.