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Welcome to BathLARP

Van Heusen’s Barony is a border province of the Kingdom of Exiles in close proximity to the inhospitable Orcish Wastes, the frozen peaks of the Barbarian Highlands, and the roving warbands that are the only vestiges of the fallen Hassani Empire.

On top of these external threats, the Barony must deal with trouble within its borders: artefacts of great power created by long forgotten civilizations turn up in farmers’ fields; strange cults seek out ancient temples and places of power to advance their dark agendas; incursions of demons and undead need to be fought back because it’s the anniversary of some event no one remembers and the planets are aligned just wrong…

To protect the citizens of the Kingdom from these threats, Patrols are formed of exceptional individuals; volunteers from the ranks of the Baron’s Defenders, supported by specialists from the Guilds and Temples, risk their lives every Sunday.

And you could join them.

An elven scout dramatically shooting a monster at range.

About BathLARP

BathLARP is a live action roleplay club based in the city of Bath. We run LARP games every Sunday near the University of Bath, as well as weekend camping events three times a year.

Our games use our own in-house set of game rules and take place in a high-fantasy Medieval/Renaissance setting called The Kingdom of Exiles. We run “linear” games – that is to say each week a group of Players play through a scenario run by a Games Master (GM) aided by a crew of Monsters who play the villains, damsels(of any gender)-in-distress, wild animals and – occasionally – vindictive architecture that the heroes have to deal with in order to save the day. (This is in contrast to larger “fest” systems which typically have more emphasis on interactions between different/rival groups of player characters.) A typical game will last about 5 hours and involve a combination of combat, negotiation and puzzle-solving with the exact balance depending on the GM and the mission.

If you want to know more about the setting, check out the “World” section in the menu.

We run games every Sunday, meeting from 11am at the far end of East Car Park, Nr Woodland Court, around the former Park and Ride bus shelter. See the Event Calendar for details of what games are running and when.

A patrol is deeply amused. A barbarian and a priest contemplate the scenery.

Annual Campaigns

We run a new campaign every year from October to May. This is a series of roughly 15 linked games designed to take brand new rookie characters and develop them into seasoned patrolees ready to go out into the world and make their mark.

For information on the current campaign, see the “Current Campaign” (or “Upcoming Campaign” if it hasn’t started yet) section in the menu, under “Events”.

To see the records of previous campaigns and get a feel for the range of scenarios that groups of rookie patrolees have been thrown into in the past, see Previous Campaigns.

An elven mage makes a human mage dance with his empowered axe. A minor Might god strides dismissively.

Joining BathLARP

While the main campaign for new characters runs October → May, we play all year and you are welcome to join us at any time if you want to crew a game to get a feel for it – just drop an email to to let us know that you want to come along. You can also email us to ask questions or contact us via Facebook.

Please note that the club has an 18+ policy, and you must abide by our Code of Conduct if you join the club.

We strongly recommend coming along to a game before registering for the website! We typically don’t approve accounts until we’ve met you in person. Please read the Website Terms and Conditions before you register (there is a translation of the legalese included).

Dramatic puzzle solving by candlelight. A human scout dramatically dodges an incoming monster.

You can also find BathLARP on Twitter and Facebook, and we have listings at LARP Events and at Larping.Org.