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The Library

The Temple of Freedom’s Library is massive and branches are located in both Exile’s Rest and every area capital including Heusenberg; inside you’ll find information on almost anything if you search long enough. Access to the Library is open to all members of the Kingdom but certain sections are restricted…

Below is a list of documents that can be found inside and are accessible to all, if you have anything you wish to add to the Library then email it to the webmaster/webminion or the committee. Make sure anything sent in is signed In Character so others can determine how reliable it is…

Identification Guides

A Pathfinder’s Guide to Creatures
A guide to the many creatures and races that Patrollees come across by Pathfinder Overcaptain Sturm (Retired).
Guide to Unusual Creatures
A guide on the magical and unusual creatures encountered by Pathfinder Overcaptain (ret.) Helena Merrick.
The Undead: Lecture Notes
Transcript of a lecture given by Pathfinder Brom Heleg and Humact MacLeish on the Undead.
Dealing With Fae
A short guide to the Fae race, their deals and protections against them by Kadija Bashaldo.
We Is Orcs
A guide to promote orc/non-orc relations by Squire Remora Shorttusk-Loxley.

Patrolling Guides

A Patrollee Introduction to Mind Affecting Powers
A presentation given by Arch Wizard Archibald Percival Maximillian, Tower of Water, at the gathering of patrollees in late 112AE.
The Noddy Guide to What Stuff’s Worth
A pocket guide to looting assessing the worth of things you might find out on patrol.
How to loke aftere yoar patrowl
A short book written by Paladin Malleus (possibly with help) as a guide to protecting non-Paladins.
Mazes and Monsters, a Heroes Guide
An extract from a rare work by Sebastian Flash-Heart.
Big Things and How to Kill Them
An essay by Nab McFeegle.
High Master Interfector’s Guide to Patrolling
Words of wisdom from High Master Interfector at the height of his patrolling career.

Legal Incidents

Shug the Barbarian
The proceedings and statements from the trials of Shug the barbarian and Arduyne.
Guardian Raphael Vs. Biscuit
The defence statement for the trial after the Labyrinth incident.

Patrol-related Documents

On the Jade Lady and her Brothers
A presentation given by High Wizard Nessa at the gathering of patrollees in late 112AE.
Field Twips
‘Reports’ from children attached to a patrol.
Future Visions
A collection of visions of possible futures had by patrollees in the area of the village of Mad Ox; temporal disturbances are potentially ongoing.
The ‘Barony: the Musical’ incident
An unusual occurrence involving the Plane of Musical Theatre.

The Delora Collection

A collection of ancient documents and books retrieved for the Temple of Freedom during an archeological expedition to the Hassani desert during 119AE detailing the era of the Hassani Emperor Ozzimandias

The Hassani Empire: A guide to foreigners
A tourist guide written at the time for visitors.
The Life and Times of Emperor Ozzimandias
An official history of the reign of the Emperor.
Preserving the Body and Soul of the Dead
A guide on Hassani burial techniques.
Gods and Goddesses and what they can do for you
A primer on the major gods of the Hassani pantheon.
Queen’s Letter
A letter to one of the Emperor’s wives from herself.
Ymunet’s Diary
A private diary of one of the Emperor’s wives.
The Book of the Dead
A ritual describing the method for guiding the Emperor’s soul to the afterlife.
The Binding of Nas’chi
An account of the binding of a sand demon.
The Rosetta Declaration
A treaty between the Hassani empire and a neighbouring eleven tribe.


On the Nature of Dragons
A short thesis on dragons by Pathfinder Overcaptain (ret.) Helena Merrick.
18th Contest of Arms Bardic Contest
Entries from the Bardic Written contest at the 18th Annual Contest of Arms.
Currently known details of a boardgame used by specific churches within the Temple of Might.
Ranger Orchid
Example of behind-the-scenes Defender procedure.
The Wonderful World of Fungi
Lecture notes from a lecture given by Seeker Gish.
Appropriate Uses of Wood
A pamphlet of unknown authorship.
Large Tankard Magazine
Extracts from the Kingdom’s favourite rag-mag.
24th Contest of Arms Bardic Contest
Entries from the Bardic contests at the 24th Annual Contest of Arms.