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The Website

Website Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of using this website are as follows:

You retain copyright on any creative works (text, audio, photo or video) posted to the BathLARP website, henceforth known as User Content. Whenever you save or submit any User Content to the BathLARP website you give to BathLARP the worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive licence to distribute, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, publicly perform and publicly display the User Content within the context of non-commercial BathLARP activities. This licence exists only as long as you include the User Content on the BathLARP website. In the event that you wish to have User Content removed, BathLARP reserves the right to retain the minimum information required in order to maintain records, i.e. game attendance and associated points; all other information will be deleted or obfuscated as appropriate. Where User Content is a collaborative work, such a debrief shared between co-GMs, all collaborators share equal copyright to the User Content. Any request for removal, be it in whole or part, must be agreed by the collaborators, with reasonable effort made to contact any not currently a member of BathLARP.

What this means in non-legalese:

The Webadmin

The Webadmin role is unelected and lasts until the current Webadmin either wishes to stop or is asked to stop by the Committee. As a result the Webadmin has no vote on the Committee but may be called on to advise where needed.

The Webadmin’s responsibilities include:

The Webadmin and Committee are bound to the BladesDb Contract.

Current Incumbent

Warren has no time for these shenanigans. That’s why the webadminion does the content provision and stuff.

BladesDB Development Plan

All BladesDB Development can be tracked on the BathLARP Bug Tracker. Features for development are suggested by members of the club or system necessity; the Webadmin and Webadminion flesh the ideas out in consultation with the club and develop as time permits. Releases are done on a patch rather than version basis except where a major framework update occurs.

The codebase for BladesDb can be found on GitHub: