Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters exists to bring in fugitives from Barony Law.

When a Bounty Hunter is assigned a fugitive to apprehend, he will be given information about them (e.g. a drawing of their face, identifying marks, clothing etc.). Depending on the detail of this information this may give them a Fugitive Knowledge Bonus (GMs discretion).


Kingdom: Bounty Hunter Colt Seavers


A starting character can join the guild immediately.

A non-starting character must prove their worth before joining the Bounty Hunters. The usual test is for the character to bring in a fugitive of higher Rank. The Character Ref will decide if/when they are ready.


A member of the Bounty Hunters must

  • bring in all fugitives assigned to them alive (N.B. This only includes fugitives specifically assigned to them by the Bounty Hunters or other official Kingdom organisation or representative e.g. Defenders).

The Bounty Hunters take a significant cut of any bounty offered for capturing a fugitive in exchange for their training.

Advanced Training

A member of the Bounty Hunters has access to

  • Melee Weapon skills to Advanced Mastery.
  • Melee Weapon Adepts.
  • Backstab to Advanced Mastery.
  • Recognise Creature/Smell/Tracks to Legendary Mastery.
  • Spells and Miracles which disable (as listed below) to any level.

A member of the Bounty Hunters gains the following bonuses.

  • [LOSE] He can use the title Bounty Hunter.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He may learn Recognise Tracks and Tracking at half cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He may learn Recognise Creature at 2/3 cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He may learn Subdue skills at half cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He may learn spells/miracles which disable (this includes the following chains: Grip, Coma, Freeze, Trip, Sleep, Halt, Weakness) as if they were one level less. Level 0 spells are at half cost.
  • [LOSE] Can automatically use the skill Recognise Creature/Smell/Tracks <Fugitive Name>. This skill allows the character to recognise the specified fugitive. It can ONLY be called if the characters skill + Fugitive Knowledge Bonus would give him Legendary Mastery i.e. enough to know the name of a creature. If it is, the fugitive should respond “Yes”.

Example: A bounty has been placed on the fugitive ‘The Raven’ for not paying his bar tab at the Salty Seaman.
Bounty Hunter Keale (who just has Recognise Creature Proficiency & Recognise Tracks Proficiency) has been tasked with apprehending him. As ‘The Raven’ is quite famous, the Bounty Hunters Guild has lots of initial information to give Keale and the GM decides this equates to a Fugitive Knowledge Bonus of 3 levels (effectively giving Keale Recognise Creature/Tracks Advanced Mastery for apprehending ‘The Raven’) however this is still insufficient for recognising him.
So Keale ventures to the Salty Seaman and gains further information from the barman. The GM deems this gives Keale another 2 levels (which now gives him Recognise Creature/Tracks Legendary Mastery for apprehending ‘The Raven’).
Keale leaves the Salty Seaman and spots some tracks, he calls “Recognise Tracks ‘The Raven’”. The GM says “Yes” and with Keale’s Tracking skill he follows the tracks to an abandoned hut, entering inside he see a masked figure, Keale calls “Recognise Creature ‘The Raven’”. The figure responds “Yes”.