Kingdom of Exiles

BathLARP games are set in a medieval-fantasy world, usually within a nation known as the Kingdom of Exiles. You can find out more about specific locations that have been used in games in Geography.

The Kingdom of Exiles is a little over 100 years old and is still expanding into new lands, conquering or assimilating the existing inhabitants. Prince Lazar rules from his seat in the capital city, Exiles Rest, and the Kingdom is divided into regions ruled by Barons, Earls and Dukes.

Most of our games are set in the Barony Van Heusen, a diverse region on the far eastern edge of the Kingdom. It is constantly expanding into new territory, making it the perfect setting for adventures and new discoveries. The capital city is called Heusenberg.

Other nearby regions include the lands of Earl Grey, Baron Lannister and Baron Scara’fould.

The general technology level is generic medieval-fantasy: no complex machinery or industry, but there are many interesting ways of achieving things through magic and miracles. Skilled professions are generally organised into guilds, and matters of law or keeping the peace are often handled by the Defenders or the Temples of Justice and Order. There are various lords and minor nobility, and different races can mix or preserve their own cultures as they choose. We try not to specify anything in too much detail to leave freedom for other people to be creative, but there are official symbols for the various Guilds, groups and authorities.