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The Kingdom spans wide distances and many different types of landscape. There are cities, fertile farmland, chalk downs, mountains, marshes, forests and wilderness.

It is important that we don’t run out of ‘space’ for new ideas and adventures, so geography in the Kingdom of Exiles is more of an art than a science! The world appears to be strangely fractal – distances stretch and shrink and places move according to the needs of GMs and players (in much the same way that all villagers look suspiciously similar). We ask that players are understanding and don’t worry too much if information from different GMs conflicts.

Everyone is welcome to come up with their own ideas for regions and places. All we ask is that you don’t try to enforce anything that impinges on other people’s work or ability to create new places, and that you generally stick to the ‘feel’ of the Kingdom if that’s where your area is set.

It’s also a good idea to check out the Beyond the Kingdom section, as while games run outside the Kingdom are infrequent they do occur.