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The Hassani

The Hassani group themselves in Companies, with a General as the leader of each one. They are the descendants of the Hassani armies which fought each other in the great civil war. An Hassani Company is well organised and its members are highly trained. Most companies will kill each other on sight, but occasionally alliances are made. None of them can remember why the civil war broke out and they still fight because that’s all they know.

In the early years, Hassani tribes regularly attacked the fledgling Kingdom, but as the defenders became more organised, such attacks have become less frequent. Wanderers outside the Kingdom should still be wary, however.

Treat the Hassani as standard characters in that each has a Class and Rank. In addition, all members of a Company effectively belong to the same guild, meeting the requirements and gaining the bonuses. For example, members of the 8th Fox Scouts are treated as if they belonged to a guild equivalent to the Pathfinders, while members of the 7th Heavy Infantry are treated as if they belonged to a guild equivalent to the Guards.

Each Hassani has a title based on his Rank as follows:

Rank Title
1-10 Private
11-15 Corporal
16-30 Sergeant
31-50 Lieutenant
51-100 Captain
101-150 Major
151+ Colonel
201+ General

There is only one General in a Company. The method for choosing a General ranges from trial by combat once a year amongst the Company Colonels, to being passed from father to son.