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Treants are animated, intelligent trees. There are various theories why this happens. Some suggest that it is due to the will of Nature, some say it is a natural evolution, and all trees have this potential and others say it is due to a higher level of magic within a region.

Treants generally avoid contact with other races. However, if plants, and to some extent creatures, within the Treant’s range are being devastated, they become enraged and start attacking all those they believe to be perpetrating this crime against Nature. When this happens, they don’t tend to be too discriminating and attack all “squishies”, though Druids (except Dark Druids) and Elves are usually recognized by all Treants as friends.

Rank 30+
Skill Table Large Humanoid Druid (Tree)
Base Life Points 90 (120)
Mana 0 (20)
Standing 5 (200)
Damage Base 4 + Strength
Abilities One Strength per 10 Ranks (i.e. Strength to Rank 9, Double Strength to Rank 19, …).
Barkskin <Rank>/10 (as if cast by a Tree Druid)
Description Looks like a tree

Treants can learn to cast Druidic Tree Miracles at a cost of 2 x (l + 1) Character Points, and can learn these miracles innately at a cost of 10 x (l + 1). To improve the creature’s Barkskin requires 5 x (new level – 4), so Barkskin 10 requires 5 Character Points, Barkskin 12 requires 15 Character Points, etc.