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Monster Manual (new)

Recognise Creature

Group Proficiency Specialisation Expertise Mastery
Humanoid Human Amazon Were creature/Vampire
Human Barbarian Were creature/Vampire
Human Hassani Were creature/Vampire
Human Half-Elf1 Were creature/Vampire
Elf Half-Elf2 Were creature/Vampire
Elf Were creature/Vampire
Drow Were creature/Vampire
Half-Orc Were creature/Vampire
Half-Ogre Were creature/Vampire
Humanoid Dwarf Were creature/Vampire
Humanoid Duergar Were creature/Vampire
Goblinoid Goblinoid Goblin Tree/Fire/Rock Goblin Vampire
Goblinoid Hobgoblin Vampire
Goblinoid Orc Vampire
Goblinoid Ogre Vampire
Goblinoid Troll Fire/Night Troll Vampire
Undead Undead Skeleton Death Knight Lich
Undead Zombie
Undead Ghoul
Undead Shadow
Undead Ghost Warrior Ghost Possession Ghost
Arcane Arcane Sprite Wood/Water/Air/Fire/Earth/Iron Sprite
Arcane Elemental Earth/Air/Fire/Water Elemental
Arcane Planar Demon Fire/Earth/Air/Water/General/Light/Dark/Spellsword Demon
Arcane Planar Devil
Arcane Planar Angel
Arcane Fae (Type) Fae Seelie/Unseelie Fae
Plant Tree3 Ash, Elm, Oak etc. Treant
Flower4 Daisy, Dandelion etc.
Bush Shambling Mound
Animal Chicken, Sheep, Cow etc.5
Animal Wildcat Dire Wildcat
Animal Wolf Dire Wolf Werewolf
Animal Bear Dire Bear

Abstract Class
Concrete Class

1 For half-elves with rounded ears.

2 For half-elves with pointed ears.

3 Any normal tree. These shouldn’t need a Rec Creature call, maybe if the party need to find a specific type of tree for a Druid etc.

4 Any normal flower. These shouldn’t need a Rec Creature call, maybe if the party need to find a specific type of flower for a Druid etc.

5 Any domestic animal.


All monster stats have the same basic template as described below:

Attribute Value
Rank Minimum RankMaximum Rank
Minimum Rank: The minimum rank the creature can be (this includes all abilities described below).
Maximum Rank: The maximum rank the creature can be. Some creatures have no maximum rank.
Skill Table Skill Table (Class)
Skill Table: The skill table to use for this creature when buying skills.
Class: The class(es) the creature can be.
Life Starting (Theshold)
Starting: The starting Life of the creature.
Threshold: The Life Threshold of the creature.
DT Number of Death Thresholds
Standing Starting (Theshold)
Starting: The starting Standing of the creature.
Threshold: The Standing Threshold of the creature.
Path A list of the only Paths that the creature may follow.
Mana Starting (Theshold)
Starting: The starting Mana of the creature.
Threshold: The Mana Threshold of the creature.
School A list of the only allowed Schools that the creature may cast from.
Damage Damage Type Damage
Damage Type: The basic weapon used by the creature e.g. Claws, 1H Weapon etc. (this includes all abilities described below).
Damage: The basic damage the creature does (this includes all abilities described below).
Abilities All the base skills the creature has on creation. This includes some special flags:
No Talk: The creature cannot talk and hence cannot cast spells/miracles normally (it may be able to cast Natural or Innate spells/miracles it has that ability).
No Sight: The creature does not use sight in the normal way and hence Blindness has no effect on it. Note the creature has other senses it uses instead, so the monster player roleplaying the creature can act as though they can see normally.
No Mental: The creature does not take Mental effects, this excludes Halt (for all creatures) and Control Undead (in the case of Undead).
No Sleep: The creature does not take Sleep or Coma effects.
No Dead Body: The creature does not leave behind a body or anything it was wearing/carrying. This does not include anything it picked up during the combat, which will remain behind.
No Living: The creature does not count as living and hence can be killed by a member of the Temple of Life.
No Healing: The creature cannot be healed.
Roleplaying Notes on costume to wear, ways to act, speak etc.