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Setting - The Guilds

Guilds are organisations that give your character special training in exchange for that character agreeing to follow certain rules. OOC, this may change the cost of skills and give you special bonuses or penalties. The specific details of each guild can be found in Player Rules → Kingdom → Guilds, but we have prepared beginner guides to give you a flavour for what each is like and possible character ideas.

A character does not have to join a guild, but if you want to play a guildless character we suggest chatting to an experienced member first, as your character won’t get any bonuses and may find it hard to learn skills.

There are several smaller guilds. We recommend talking to an experienced member if you want to play a member of one of these for your first character.

It is possible to change guild, but there may be consequences for leaving, and other guilds may not take you on without proof of your dedication. Details on leaving and entering requirements are found on the guild pages in the Player Rules.

Some groups of people are a human-based ‘race’ and have their own specific ‘Guilds’. These Guilds cannot be left except by death.

Unguilded characters

Not every character is a ‘fit’ for a system guild for various reasons. These characters are generally referred to as guildless or unguilded.

This has a positive and a negative side. The positive is that your character can do whatever they like without restrictions as long as it’s legal (or at very least as long as they don’t get caught). They can choose to learn whatever combination of skills and castings they like (as long as the basic rules of miracles and magic are followed).

The negative side is that a large number of skills and castings are restricted as advanced training – available through the Guilds, but much harder to access from outside of them. You also don’t have the backing of a Guild if something happens to your character on a game.

It’s not impossible to learn advanced training skills as an unguilded character, but it does require a mix of roleplay and luck. The commonest routes are:

Any of the above must still be approved by the Character Ref as with any other Restricted skill.

Some unguilded characters may instead belong to a player-created Guild that provides ‘flavour’ and a place for the character to belong without any bonuses or training.