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Hobgoblins are larger, more fearsome goblins. Their origin is unknown, but it is speculated that they are either simply mutated goblins or a union of goblin and ogre.

They usually form tribes of their own kind, though weaker ones are sometimes found leading tribes of goblins.

Rank 4 – 10
Skill Table Small Humanoid
Life Points 45 (68)
Mana 1 (40)
Standing 1 (40)
Damage as weapon or 2 (claws)
Abilities 1 in 20 Hobgoblins are Witch Doctors and Shamans and can learn Magic and Religious skills (resp) at half cost
Willpower 1
Description Greenish-Yellow skin

Hobgoblin Witch Doctors/Shamans

Hobgoblin Witch Doctors can cast either Fire spells or Earth spells (though not a combination of both). They cannot cast General Spells.

Hobgoblin Shamans follow the Paths of Chaos, Anarchy or Death.