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About BathLARP

BathLARP is a live action roleplay club based in the city of Bath. We run LARP games every Sunday near the University of Bath, as well as weekend camping events three times a year.

What Is LARP?

LARP, also known as live action roleplay or LRP, is a mixture of combat games, tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, and improvised acting. In our club, people pretend to be characters in a medieval-fantasy world and go on epic adventures, fighting with foam weapons, shooting spells, and saving the day.

Our combat involves safe fighting with specially-constructed foam and latex weapons so that no one gets hurt in real life. We wear awesome costumes and armour, and whether it’s fighting, strategy or roleplay that floats your boat our games have something fun for you to do.

There are many different types of larp, so don’t be surprised if this is different to what you’ve encountered before. Some systems don’t have any fighting and are all about roleplay and acting. Games can be linear events where a party go on a mission (which is what we usually do) or fest events with many different factions and activities to participate in.

When Do BathLARP Run Games?

BathLARP run a ~5 hour game every Sunday in the National Trust woods near the University of Bath. We meet up in the East Car Park at around 11am to prepare for our adventures.

As well as the heroic player characters, we have volunteer GMs or Games Masters, who plan the adventures, and monster crews, where club members play the various goblins, zombies and other creatures that the players defeat – there are roles for everyone.

Three times a year we have residential events, where we go camping for a weekend of LARP and fun.

About Our Club

BathLARP grew out of the University of Bath student club BLADES after we realised just how many members there were who had either graduated or never went to the university in the first place! BLADES no longer exists but BathLARP keeps going.

The club is run by a committee who are elected by the members each year, a character referee team who make sure the game world runs smoothly, and the volunteer contributions of many of our members. You can find out more about how the club is organised and run in the Our Club links.

Joining the Club

While the main campaign year is roughly October to May, we play all year and you are welcome to join us at any time, even if you just want to crew a game to get a feel for it – just drop an email to the committee to let us know that you want to come along. Please note that the club currently has an 18+ policy.

At your first game we will go over the basics, in particular safety and the Code of Conduct, before the game starts.

We strongly recommend coming along to a game before registering for the website.