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The Foresters

The Foresters balance a respect for the natural world with a need to get the job done; they are the hunters, the game wardens and everyone else who works the wilder lands and makes them into something protected and valued by ‘civilisation’. As such, while some of their values are similar to those held by the Druids, they are tempered in part by pragmatism and the work they are ultimately hired to do.

Foresters act as a liaison between the Druids, the more civil greenskins, and everyone else, keeping the peace between the three groups. They also strive to keep the trails and passes clear and safe, protect farmers and loggers from wild animals (and vice versa), and generally keep the boundaries between civilisation and wilderness as friction-free as possible. Unofficially, they also act as a first line of defence and/or warning system when something comes up that could really do with the attentions of the Defenders or the patrolling system.


Barony Van Heusen: Rupert Sparrow of Northwood


A starting character can join the guild immediately.

A non-starting character must prove they can adhere to the guild requirements; this will take a minimum of 5 ranks where they must have no guild affiliation. The Character Ref will decide if/when they are ready.


A member of the Foresters must:

  • help to protect and tend the land and all that live in harmony with it (both sentients and animals)
  • not allow any living creature (including sentients) to die slowly – kills must be clean where possible, and creatures must never be left to suffer.
  • show at least dislike and distrust of any who do not sufficiently respect and husband the land, and outright hatred of those who harm it – poachers, blood-sports participants and those who misuse fire in particular.
  • not wear metal armour (this includes studded leather).
  • always assist a fellow Forester if he is in trouble.
  • assist Druids, Amazons & other Nature followers if requested.
  • oppose Dark Druids and their plans.


Advanced Training

A member of the Foresters has access to

  • Recognise Creature/Smell/Tracks to Legendary Mastery
  • Creature Lore and Forager Lore to Legendary Mastery
  • Traps to any level
  • Leather/Fur Armour skills to Advanced Mastery
  • Miracles of the Sects of Animal, Tree, Weather and Seasonal to Level 6
  • Backstab to Expertise
  • Sniping to Expertise
  • [LOSE] They can use the title Forester
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They can learn Fur/Leather Armour skills at two-thirds cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They can learn Make Light Armour/Make Superior Light Armour at three-quarters cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They can learn Discern Wounds/Disease/Poison at half cost, and Bind Wounds/Set Broken Bone at two-thirds cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They can learn Recognise Creature/Smell/Tracks at half cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They can learn Forager Lore at three quarters cost.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] They can learn Skinning at half cost