Event Calendar

Date Title GMs Rank  
Fri 23 Apr 2021 -
Sun 25 Apr 2021
Spring Residential 2021 - CANCELLED Unassigned Unranked
Fri 18 Jun 2021 -
Sun 20 Jun 2021
Summer Residential 2021 - CANCELLED Unassigned Unranked
Fri 03 Sep 2021 -
Sun 05 Sep 2021
Autumn Residential 2021 Unassigned Unranked

Applying for Games

If you want to apply to run a game, click the Show link for the date you want and click Apply to Run. In your application, please include the approximate rank bracket and if there are any reasons why it needs to be that specific date (presence of a particular player etc.). For games in the distant future, we will aim to approve/reject approximately eight weeks before the game (please tell us if you need more advance notice). For games already within eight weeks, we will respond as soon as feasible.

If you require your game to be accepted before or after the eight week window please state this alongside the other information required when applying. The committee will aim to make arrangements to accommodate the request.

The GMs for the yearly campaign get first call on game slots, so long as they make their request for the term/semester at least one month before the end of the previous term/semester, and if emergency slots are needed then the committee will make arrangements on a case by case basis.

If two GMs apply for the same slot, the choice will be made on roughly the following guidelines:

  1. Specific (good) reason for that date given.
  2. Rank bracket.
  3. Number of games already run by the GM this year.
  4. Number of games in ongoing plot already run this term (not including mini-campaigns).
  5. Outstanding debriefs.

24hrs and 36hrs have their own application rules - see the individual game slot for details.