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The System

Elf Death Thresholds have been increased to 5. All Elf characters who are not permanently dead will receive 2 more DTs.
Half-Elf Death Thresholds have been increased to 7. All Half-Elf characters who are not permanently dead will receive 1 more DT.
Mirror Image no longer negates Truestrike or Undodgable attacks.
New Members will start with 80 Monster Points. Removed ability to start a new character at up to rank 10 without spending monster points once.
Removed -1 armour penalty for wearing 2 layers of armour.


Throatslit: Removed and replaced with Lethal Strike. These have similar end results but significantly different rules around usage.
Skinning, Make Melee Weapon, Make Missile Weapon, Make Light Armour, Make Heavy Armour: Removed.
Subdue Skills: Reworked to be 1 single skill which allows the user to call all their normal damage as Subdue Damage.
Rec Smell: Identifies Salves with relevant Foraging skill
Discern Poison: Can tell if a target is under the effects of a salve.
Combination: No longer removes penalty for wearing 2 layers of armour.
Bind Wounds: Concentration can be used to prevent bleeding damage from either negative life or Lethal Strike
Recognise (Creature/Tracks/Smell) Mastery: Changed descriptors to what’s actually used.

Background Skills

Removed stereotypical skills and purchase limits. Added more examples on how to use.

Scouting Lore

Reworked Courage Salve in line with Courage changes
Reworked Regrow Salve in line with Regrow changes
Added Stasis 2 and Stasis 3 Salves
Added more options for players to trigger traps
Trip Trap added as a pre-requisite for Entangle Traps
Trip traps no longer need plants to work.
Changed global entangle traps to Trip and Entangle Traps.
Changed scaling on Spike Traps, changed to only affect 1 leg and are now resisted by Float.
Added Dazzle Trap
Added Mass Fear Trap


Changed Earth Form Bludgeon Damage to 3 per selection
Changed Tremor from making targets who fail to resist fall to the ground to pushing targets back. Tremor now triggers all traps in the cone.
Changed Mystic Life from healing proportional wounds to intelligent wounds.
Added Ambidexterity to Spellsword
Removed castable subdue skill from Spellsword. Added subdue to cast Weapon specialisation and above
Added Dexterity to Life and Freedom
Added Toughness to Death and Might
Changed Regrow to also heal life points.
Added Balance Gift to Balance.
Removed Will to Live and redistributed the effects to Courage and Life Shield
Removed Discern Spiritual Strength as a pre-requisite for Raise Dead
Added Strike Resistance to Life
Added Pacify to Life
Holy damage now damages extraplanar creatures of Order and Chaos (including demons)
Reworked Detect Lie to be more usable
Removed Mass Detect Lie
Changed damage from Tree form to be 3 per selection.
Added option to downcast Elemental Protection against multiple forms of damage.
Renamed Freedom 1,2,3,4 to Freedom, Double Freedom, Triple Freedom, Quadruple Freedom


Defenders: Added cost discounts to Subdue, Favoured and Chosen Weapon to Pathfinders and Wardens. Added more advanced teaching to Archers.
Temples: Added cost discounts to Subdue and Pacify to Temple of Justice. Added cost discounts to Subdue, Favoured and Chosen Weapon to Temple of Might. Renamed the Temple of Life title from Healer to Sage.
Gladiators: Changed GP progression to be consistently Guild Rank/3 for all playable races
Paladins: Reworked Aura of Courage in line with changes to Courage
Druids: Improved Chain Lightning Bonus for Weather Druids
Artisans: Significantly reworked to give more bonuses for using equipment made by the Artisan, and access to Legendary equipment.
Bounty Hunters: Added reduced cost weapon skills to replace subdue cost reduction.
Barbarians: Codified requirements to kill spellcasters.
Illuminati, Shadowmasters: Simplified Healing Sunlight/Darkness
Bladesingers: Simplified Self-Healing


Reworked Work with Cabal to remove link to casting over-level
Totally rewrote how casting unskilled/over-leveled rituals to use the same mechanics.
Returned Work with Cabal bonus to Temples, Towers and Circle.


The Scout Expansion

Added Creature Lore
Added Forager Lore
Added Traps

Removed Rec Creature as a pre-requisite for Rec Tracks and Rec Smell

Removed Pathfinder Chosen Enemy Bonus
Added half cost Creature Lore to Pathfinders

Added 3/4 cost Creature Lore to Foresters

Added 1 level lower Traps to Bounty Hunters

Added High Level Scout training to Pathfinders, Foresters, Bounter Hunters and Amazon Outriders

Removed Tracking

Background Skills

Made Toughness and Willpower stereotypical skills for Guild Orphans
Made Holy Symbol/Mystic Talisman a stereotypical skill for Villagers, Apprentices, Guild Orphans and Nomads
Reworked background skills to have 3 levels: Proficiency, Expertise and Mastery
Added Skiing

Seasonal Druids

Added various bonuses to seasonal druids. (Permanent Elemental protection for Seasonal Druids, being able to change Elemental protection by concentrating for 30 seconds.)

Added Seasonal Form

Other Guild Changes

Added a temporary Death Threshold cost to Bladesinger Sacrifice
Changed Defender NCO bonus points to [KEEP]
Paladins are now forbidden from learning subterfuge skills
Humacti now gain a Creature Lore bonus from Detect Undead.

Everything Else

Added Light Beam to Light
Totally reworked Challenge.
Demoralise despair effect now lasts for 10 seconds, not 15 minutes.
Favoured and Chosen weapon can now be bought twice and retrained
A new player may now start their first character at up to Rank 10 without requiring Monster Points.





Changed life bonus in sacrifice to natural endurance
Removed extra Death Thresholds from sacrifice
Added a non-lethal version of sacrifice
Added disarm or knockback options to sacrifice


Changed rage to add natural endurance instead of life.
Removed dex reduction from greater rage
Added additional uses for uses of rage whilst raging


Removed phys-rep requirement for Storm Hands


Added tremor spell.


Stated multiple willpower reducing castings do not stack

The System

Changed concentration so you can’t concentrate with a limb on exactly 0 (So subdue actually stops you casting)

Background Skills

Added Climbing, Masonry and Transport skills


Removed seperate costs for bows of different strengths


Rituals and Ceremonies

Inscribe Circle and Join Cabal/Conclave removed
Rituals cause a single amount of damage instead of damage per minute
Added ritual only casting examples
Added improvised ritual rules
Times for writing and modifying rituals reduced and simplified
Rules for working with other casters relaxed


Times for making items simplified to (Level +1) days
Increased item qualities needed for Daily and Permanent Items
Added a limit on Ubiquitous Scrolls
Removed slots as a concept


Changed Artificer Bonus to improving effective item quality

The Path of Nature

Secondary Sects are availible to all characters from Rank 2
Discern Sect removed
Power Sight added to all sects
Nature Gift added to all sects
Discern Path now gives a target’s primary sect
Talk with Animal removed from Tree
Talk with Tree removed from Animal
Tree Blink replaced with Tree Recall
Tree Merge changed to Tree Withdraw, lowered in level
Furskin, Barkskin, Eye of the Storm and Elemental Protection are now touch miracles.
Cloud form reworked in line with elemental forms
Tree form added
Were form added
Camoflague changed to work as Displacement
Claw hands increased from 2,4,6 etc. to 3,6,9 etc.


Now give cost reduction in secondary sects in a similar fashon to the Circle

Dark Druids

Added Control Plant as a Dark Druid miracle

Special Strikes, Spell Masteries and Miracle Masteries

Added miracle masteries in line with spell masteries
All special strikes and masteries now reset on the hour
Lowered Disarm and Knockback to Level 1
Added Shattering Blow as a Special Strike
Lowered Touch to Range to Level 1
Lowered Self to Touch to Level 2
Added miracle masteries teaching to the Paladins, Defenders, Humacti, Temples and Druids.

Strength and Weapon Skill

Strength now adds the same amount of damage to subdue as normal damage.
Strength adds 1 damage to 1H weapons, 2 damage to 2H weapons
Weapon skill adds 2 damage per level, up from 1.
Strength cost reduced for levels above single


A Paladin’s Aura of Courage is now equal to their natural Willpower
A Paladin can now cast Cure Disease equal to their Guild Rank/5 (Maximum 9) by using Lay on Hands in place of Standing


Officer bonus armour is now a suit, rather than a piece
Free Armour Proficiencies are now [KEEP]


Can now boost Dexterity with Gladiator Points

Temple of Might

Free Armour Proficiencies are now [KEEP]

Revive and Restore

No longer have Heal Life/Wounds as a Pre-requisite

Diseases and Poisons

No longer have damage or duration reduced by Toughness
Have the effective level of Cure/Neutralise increased by Toughness
Can be cured by using counteracting castings in combination with Cure/Neutralise castings

Background Skills


Spellsword Dexterity and Toughness

Renamed to Mystic Dexterity and Toughness


Now works on Chaos Miracles

Chaos Blade

Now allows for the weapon to be mended whilst active

Life Shield

Now only provides power armour against pure life damage, stacks with other power armour

Discern Nature of Undead

Renamed to Detect Undead 3, merged into Detect Undead chain

Soul Rip/Soul Steal

Now have duration: Instant and cannot be dispelled


Now lasts 15 minutes

Half Ogres

No longer get Strength for free


Increased base damage to 7

Bind Wounds and Discern Wounds

Reduced cost for Warriors


Added padded/gambesons as a Fur/Leather equivalent



Added missing training in Sniping to Advanced Mastery


Clarified Paladin Protection does not have a dexterity penalty

Studded Leather

Changed Casting Penalty to 1



Added advanced training in religious ceremonies of Life/Freedom/Justice/Order/Might/Balance to level 8

Added advanced training in rituals of Light/General/Earth/Air/Fire/Water to level 8


Point recovery
Once a day the gladiator may enter a 15 minute trance in which they are unaware of and unable to interact with their surroundings. Once performed, this restores their Gladiator points to their normal maximum. If interrupted this cannot be restarted.

Resist Toughness
Cost reduced to 1 GP

Boost Toughness
Cost reduced to 2 GP

Boost Willpower
Cost reduced to 3 GP

The Gladiator can choose to extend the duration of any Gladiator point boosted ability by pushing his body and soul beyond its limits. This reduces the gladiator’s effective death threshold by 1 for every ability boosted with 5 associated life point damage, and extends the duration for 15 minutes. This cannot be used if the gladiator has an effective death threshold of 0.

Example: Mistral has boosted her Willpower by 2 and her Power Damage by 7 to fight some evil necromancers. However in the process of dealing with regenerating undead, 15 minutes has elapsed. Rather than lose the ability to harm the undead and run in terror, she reduces her death threshold by 2 and takes 10 life damage in order to retain the boosts for another 15 minutes.

Gained access to weapon adepts
Bounty Hunters
Added to the rules
Temple of Death
Clarified mechanics of return as undead bonus, added additional types
Changed to Type: DR (N) [Normal]. Effective against all targets
Dazzle (N)
Causes targets to cause (N) less normal damage. No longer affects Dexterity. Effective against all targets
Glowing Mark
Changed to 1,3,5 progression. Now counters invisibility. A character under the effects of a glowing mark no longer counts as invisible or gains any benefit thereof.
Can now be cast as one of two options: Normal Curse which reduces normal armour and Power Curse which reduces power armour. Neither reduces Dexterity
Lowered one level. No longer reduces damage or dexterity. Added roleplay requirement that targets should feel demoralised, and if they would be reduced to below 0 willpower cannot act unless forced or provoked to do so
All Round Sight
Now effective against all normal damage
Spiritual Influences
Rules added for removal
Permanent Non-Stackable Items
Changed from refreshing once per 15 minutes to once per hour.
Created the Baronial Pfennig. The Baronial Pfennig is used for internal barony trade in items of low value such as bread, beer, meals and lodging. Patrolees are assumed to be sufficiently wealthy in pfennig terms for all their needs but make no net profit from trading on this scale. 100 pfennig are equal to 1 florin.
Strengthened bows can be used with lower levels of strength. To use a bow with a different level of strength requires one minute of roleplay changing the string and adjusting for the new level of strength
Base Items
Uncommon item cost increased from 1G to 2G
Remove <Strength> Weakness

Changed to Reduce <Strength> Weakness
Reduce <Strength> Weakness
Range: Touch
Duration: 15 Minutes
Type: —
Target: Person
Reduces the effects of all weakness effects on a target by <strength>
Example: Harlock has single strength and is under the effects of a double weakness. A friendly light mage casts Reduce Weakness on him. For the next 15 minutes, the double weakness is reduced to single weakness and Harlock can stand again.

Light & Lantern

Changed to Light (S) and Lantern (S)

Added Light (T) and Lantern (T)

Storm Hands
Clarified it effects both hands. (Ambidex is still required to attack with both hands)
Air Form

Removed instant cast levels requirement

Added requirement that it can only be learned from air as a primary school and cast on a target of that primary

Water Form

Removed instant cast levels requirement

Added requirement that it can only be learned from water as a primary school and cast on a target of that primary

Trip ‘N’ Entangle T, R, Mass
<Strength> Entangle T, R
Plant Strength

Removed interactions with entangle

Now protects plant based objects from destruction (Vines, leaves, trees etc)

Increases the strength of shambling mounds and other plant based creatures as per the strength miracle/spell

Weaken Will
Lowered by one level. Changed range from touch to 20ft
Radiate and Immolate
Removed increase to fire skin
Fire Form

Removed instant cast levels requirement

Added requirement that it can only be learned from fire as a primary school and cast on a target of that primary

Transcend Armour
Removed from Earth. Added to General. Lowered one level.
Earth Form

Removed instant cast levels requirement

Added requirement that it can only be learned from earth as a primary school and cast on a target of that primary

Spellsword Strength
Changed to touch range
Tree Heal

Change duration to 1 minute. After 1 minute, target receives N points of life and wounds healing.

Changed to Tree Heal 5,10,15 etc.

Piercing and Through
Now half or ignore Body (I.E. Toughness) as well.
Increased to level 3
Reduced scout cost to priest cost for race.
Rec Creature
Changed to follow prof-spec-expertise progression


Soul Rip and Soul Steal

Clarified levels and ritual mechanics


Added breeding combinations.


Invisibility dissipates if the caster performs any of the following actions:

Order Withdraw
While withdrawn the following are true:

The point at which the target withdraws from is miraculous and hence can be detected with skills/miracles like Rec Miracle, Power Sight etc.
Someone can cast an appropriate Dispel Miracle on Order Withdraw if they can detect the point they withdrew from (as above) or know where it is as they saw them cast it/told exactly where it happened.

Earth Withdraw
While withdrawn the following are true:

The point at which the target withdraws from is magical and hence can be detected with skills/spells like Rec Magic, Magic Sight etc.
Someone can cast an appropriate Dispel Magic on Earth Withdraw if they can detect the point they withdrew from (as above) or know where it is as they saw them cast it/told exactly where it happened.

Note that the poison/disease still needs to be cured at its original level and it does not remove the poison/disease completely if it reduces its effective level such that the target is suffering no effects.

In order to perform several abilities e.g. cast spells/miracles you need to be able to Concentrate.

You cannot start to Concentrate if any of the following conditions are met:

Whilst Concentrating the following conditions are true:

Concentration will automatically end if any of the following conditions are met:


Chaos Blade
If the weapon also has a protective spell running on it, then it will not be damaged/destroyed for the period of time when the protective spell is running.

Animal Leap
You can carry one and only one other person with you when performing an Animal Leap, providing you have at least Strength.


Shocking Grasp

Example: Ariel has no Strength and 1H Sword Proficiency, so does 4’s with her normal 1H sword. She casts up Shocking Grasp 39, which requires 2 hands, so she cannot be holding her sword at the time. She then has 30 seconds to release it through the sword. On releasing it, she calls “4 Shocking Grasp 9”.
If the target has 4 or more points of Dexterity the whole effect is dodged. Otherwise the whole effect takes place (even if the target was only bruised by the 4 or bounced it completely). The Shocking Grasp 9 only does Body damage (which can be prevented with Power armour as normal).

Unusable locations
If a location is on 0 or negative, you cannot use that location, but you can still use other locations. i.e. if one leg is negative and not broken, but the other leg is fine, you could hop, drag your leg etc. if one arm is negative and not broken, but the other arm is fine, you cannot wield a weapon/shield in the negative arm, but could fight/parry with the other (assuming appropriate skills).

A Heal Wounds 14 miracle on the location will repair the Fracture, but not heal any other damage (also any healing over 14 is wasted).


The ability to ignore pain and keep using a location even if its Body Points drop to 0 or below, including if that location is broken. However, any location that drops to -10 is still severed or crushed.

Unusable locations
If a location is on 0 or negative, you cannot use that location, but you can still use other locations. i.e. if one leg is negative and not broken, but the other leg is fine, you could hop, drag your leg etc. if one arm is negative and not broken, but the other arm is fine, you cannot wield a weapon/shield in the negative arm, but could fight/parry with the other (assuming appropriate skills).

A Heal Wounds 14 miracle on the location will repair the Fracture, but not heal any other damage (also any healing over 14 is wasted).


Tax should be paid after each complete groat you make (keeping a cumulative total).

Example: Archibald (a member of the Towers) sells an item for 5g7f, he pays 5f tax. He next sells an item for 2f, he pays 0f tax. He next sells an item for 1f, he pays 1f tax (since his total sales value has now reached 6g, so he needs to have paid 6f in total tax).

Spirit Guide
If the Spirit Guide is asked to intercept an attack which is purely a miraculous Power damage attack and an attached effect, then the Spirit Guide takes the effect (even if the Spirit Guide is unaffected).

The Shaman cannot borrow an ability that his Spirit Guide does not posses or for Life/Standing that would reduce the Spirit Guides maximum or current value below 0.

If the Fetch is asked to intercept an attack which is purely a Power damage attack and an attached effect, then the Fetch takes the effect (even if the Fetch is unaffected).

The Witch Doctor cannot borrow an ability that his Fetch does not posses or for Life/Mana that would reduce the Fetches maximum or current value below 0.

The Fetch can intercept Power attacks (this does not include Enervate, Shrivel, Drain Wounds, Shocking Grasp & Mana Lace/Steal Mana).


A Paladin’s dedicated weapon bonus CANNOT be applied to fists/claws.

Raise Dead/Resurrection
Once raised/resurrected, the character loses a Death Threshold.


The dedicated weapon can be used by anybody and confers the same bonus. However a Paladin who gives/lends his weapon to another would be looked upon very unfavourably by the Paladins. Note that the Paladin will only receive the dedication once. If he proves himself unworthy by losing his dedicated weapon, he will not gain another without performing some extremely difficult task as atonement. When a Paladin dies his weapon should be returned to the Paladins.
There are rumours that the Paladins can perform rituals to destroy a dedicated weapon that has fallen into enemy hands or even harm the wielder.


A Fetch’s Toughness does reduce the damage from Power damage. This stacks with its Dexterity where appropriate.

Example: A Fetch has Dexterity 2 and Toughness 1.
It is hit by a Fire Dart 4, it only takes 1 point of damage.
It is hit by a Combust 4, it only takes 2 points of damage.

If the Fetch is asked to intercept an attack, it cannot use its Dexterity or Toughness against the attack, only its Power protection (which includes the special protection granted by its Toughness).

Example: Fazer McFadden is attacked by a Combust 4. He orders his Fetch to intercept the attack. The Fetch has 1 Toughness (which can be used as Power protection), so the Fetch takes 3 damage.

Modified Battleboarder to make clear its a player.


Camouflage is ineffective against creatures that do not have eyes (see the ‘Sight’ Spell/Miracle Type).
Camouflage provides no protection if you are invisible as the attacker cannot see you anyway.
Darksight CANNOT see through Camouflage.

True Resurrection
True Resurrection acts like Resurrection, except that the character is returned to life on his full Life Points and Body Points (including mending broken bones) on all non-missing locations.


The Shaman can choose the ability to borrow at the beginning of the day and immediately after Praying.

The Fetch can intercept Power attacks (this does not include Mana Lace/Steal Mana).

Dark Entangle
An arm with a Light/Lantern spell running is automatically released from a Dark Entangle.


This will extinguish a natural fire up to the size of a torch or the Ignite spell.
It will not extinguish the Light/Lantern spell.

Dark Extinguish
This will extinguish a natural fire up to the size of a torch or the Light/Lantern spell.
It will not extinguish the Ignite spell.


Levels of Resistance are added to the Undead’s Willpower when resisting Turn Undead/Destroy Undead miracles or effects.

Bolster Undead
Bolster Undead increases the target Undead’s effective Willpower by <n> when subjected to Turn Undead/Destroy Undead effects.

Turn Undead
Unless specifically stated otherwise treat Turn Undead & Destroy Undead as the same miracle for the purposes of resisting, Spell Immunity etc.


Removed School change.
Primary School General casters renamed Metamancers.

Removed anti-regen effect from Bless.

Consecrate Dead
Now has a 15 minute effect and a permanent effect.

Fur Skin
If cast on an Animal Druid then Fur Skin Armour Penalty is modified to be the minimum of (Normal armour provided by the Fur Skin, Your Dexterity).

Magic Attunement
The attunement part of Magic Divination split out into this new spell.

Mystic Blade
Does “Mystic” Power damage.

Raise Dead/Resurrection
Casting Time removed and miracles amended to include ‘guide’ to help return the person to life which takes time equal to the old Casting Time.

Does “Chaos” Power damage.

All Round Sight
Reduced to 2/3 of Dexterity cost.

Weapon Adepts
Don’t require a separate skill for Subdue.

For the first 15 minutes the character is Slowed and loses 1 Life Point per minute. After 15 minutes the character cannot move and continues to lose 1 Life Point per minute.

Warriors renamed Beserkers.
Added magic costs for Barbarian Warriors/Shaman.

Warriors renamed Battlestrider, Druids renamed Wildshaper, Scouts renamed Outrider.
Wildshaper now gets cheaper Rec Creature/Smell/Tracks cost.

Removed class change.

Have no class requirements.
When calculating the costs for Enhance Life, Enhance Mana & Improve Standing add the +1 threshold after applying any guild benefits.

Removed requirement to contribute 20% of Mana, 20% of Standing and 1 in 5 days to guild.
Removed bonus every 5 Guild Ranks, he can call on his fellow Guild members to help him create an item.

He has the choice of either 1H (including dagger) or 2H (including staff) weapon skills at half cost, including specialist skills (Subdue, Weapon Adepts, Favoured/Chosen Weapon etc.). This cannot take the cost below Warrior cost.
He gains Enhance Life at half cost. This cannot take the cost below Warrior cost.

Bounty Hunters
New guild.

Removed dislike of Magic/Mages (but made clear that they still don’t like destructive to nature spells like Radiate and Immolate) and removed no magic skills requirement.
Made hatred of Orcs/Ogres & Dark Druids into proper requirements.

Strength Boost 3 points, can be stacked.
Willpower & Toughness Boost 4 points, can be stacked.
Willpower & Toughness Resist 2 points per level (can be used immediately).
All uses more expensive if go over certain cap. e.g. Power Damage costs 2 per point if use more than 10 points.
Changed points to Human/Elf/Half-Elf: 1/3 Guild Rank, Half Orc: 1/4 Guild Rank, Half Ogre: 1/5 Guild Rank.
Does “Mystic” Power damage.

Removed Improve Standing at Priest base cost for his race.
For every 10 Guild Ranks the Paladin’s Power and Normal protection increased by 1. Spells and Miracles DO NOT have their effects added to this value.
At Guild Rank 10, then every 5 Guild Ranks thereafter the Paladin gains/increases his dedicated weapon by 1 level. Spells and Miracles DO NOT have their effects added to this value.

Temple of Freedom
He may learn one skill chosen from Medical, Magic and Manufacture at half the normal cost (not including the ones given above) for every 10 Guild Ranks. This cannot take Magic costs below Mage cost or Manufacture costs below Warrior cost.

To use Primary School mage name instead of Wizard.


Casting a spell/miracle requires the caster not to be in pain.

You are suffering from pain if any of the following conditions are met:


Everything associated with the attack is subject to retribution i.e. Sharp/Blunt, Normal damage, Power damage, Piercing, Swift etc. except Throat Slit.


Armour worn on the head can be claimed against Throat Slit even if it does not specifically cover the neck. Chest armour does not protected against Throat Slit unless a gorget is specifically worn.


Spell Weave
Two spells to be combined must be cast by the same caster with the same vocals as the Spell Weave itself, with no gaps or interruptions.

Miracle Gift
For the duration of the miracle, the recipient can cast the miracle using his own Standing (he does not need to know, nor does he gain any prerequisites). However, for the duration of the miracle, the giver loses all knowledge of the miracle and also all knowledge of miracles which require it to be known.


Multicast/Combined Prayer
The ordering of a Multicast may be important.

Freedom 1 has the following effects:

Bind the Soul
When a Necromancer uses Bind the Soul and rises from the ‘dead’ any spells/miracles that were cast on him before he ‘died’ remain in effect.

Single Use/Daily: You must concentrate on the desired effect and say “Item do they work” for EACH effect you want to activate.
Charged: You must concentrate on the desired effect and say “Item do they work” for EACH charge you want to release.

Cannot be used with Missile Weapons.

Earth Form
Shattering Blow can be used with hand attacks.


Seasonal Enhancement
If the season changes while a Seasonal Enhancement is running (which includes down-casts, permanent items etc.) then the Seasonal Enhancement automatically changes appropriately.

At Guild Rank 20, the Tower Mage can choose to specialise in a particular spell chain (which includes the mass versions of the spell).

When cast on a person, it gives the recipient 2x<n> Normal Armour and <n> Power Armour effective against all Undead attacks and additionally the Power Armour is effective against all Unholy melee/missile attacks and all Unholy spells/miracles.


Added manufacture times for Masterwork equipment.

Bless cannot be cast on claws, shields or other items.

During a Rage, Barbarians can activate Items and cause Subdual damage, but doing so maybe deemed poor roleplay.

<School> Form
Specified the exact spells you can select to be immune from.


Tree Druid
On joining the Druid Guild, immediately gains Innate Plant Walk. Plants will simply not deliberately impede a Tree Druid.
Innate Tree Charm 1 once/day at Guild Rank 20 and added levels for Tree Charm (for dispelling purposes etc.).

Read/Write <Path> Runes
If a character follows the Path of Nature, then he can only learn the runes associated with his Primary (and Secondary if applicable) Sect.

The following are the potential Path Runes that can be learnt:
Life, Death, Order, Chaos, Justice, Freedom, Might, Anarchy, Balance, Tree, Animal, Weather & Seasonal (Dark Druids learn Death Runes).
Note that you can likely only learn a subset of this list and additionally learning Anarchy runes requires approval from the Character Ref.

Read/Write <School> Runes
The following are the potential School Runes that can be learnt:
Fire, Water, Earth, Air, General, Light, Dark, Spellsword, Necromantic & Demonology.
Note that you can likely only learn a subset of this list and additionally learning Dark, Necromantic or Demonology runes requires approval from the Character Ref.

Healing Sunlight ability cannot be used at the same time as Improved Mana recovery.


Air Blast
The Life damage taken is equal to the maximum damage taken to a location.

Example: Vilnius is wearing Studded Thick Leather (giving him 3 Armour) all over his body except his head, which has a Thin Leather hat (giving him 1 Armour). He is hit by an Air Blast 10. He takes 7 damage to each location except his head, which takes 9 damage. He also takes 9 Life damage.

Location Specific Effects
For spells/miracles which are Touch and target a specific location, if that location cannot be targeted (i.e. by using a ‘Touch to Range’ Spell Adept or drinking a Potion) the spell/miracle targets the following location (or locations if the effect is intelligent) in the following priority order Chest, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg and Head if the same value:

Example: Kane has the following Body points: Head -1, Chest 7, Left Arm 7, Right Arm -6, Left Leg 4, Right Leg 4. He is hit by a Touch to Range Shocking Grasp 4. This targets the Chest, taking it to 3.

Example: Kane has the following Body points: Head -1 (and hence bleeding), Chest 3, Left Arm 7, Right Arm -6, Left Leg 4, Right Leg 4. He drinks a potion of Heal Wounds 4. This puts his Head on 3 (Since a Heal Wounds 4 is non-intelligent it all goes to the same location). If instead he could have drunk a Heal Wounds 14 potion, this would have put his head on 3, Chest on 4 and Right Arm on 3.

Broken Locations
If a location has been set, then the next wounds healing received to that location automatically goes to fix the break, rather than heal the location.


<Path> Lace
Followers of the Path of Nature, including Dark Druids, are not affected.


Spell/Miracle Types
Added new Type ‘Sight’, applied to Blindness, Flash & Dazzle.


This spell/miracle does not work on creatures without eyes. This includes:

  • Undead.
  • Extra-planar creatures (including Demons).
  • Shambling mounds, Treants and other plant creatures.
  • Golems, Constructs and other animated objects.
  • Oozes & Slimes.
  • Elementals.

Holy Word
Causes <n> points of Power Life Point damage, which is effective against:


Enhance Undead
This gives an existing undead an additional <n> x 10 Character Points. These can be used to buy skills from the appropriate table or on undead powers. Note that if skills are purchased that increase the undeads Willpower, this may cause the Necromancer to lose control of it.

Note the target character is afraid of the caster, even if the caster has disguised himself or become invisible (in which case he is afraid of the general area of the caster, he is unaware of the exact position of the caster).


Spell Weave
Spell Weave allows two spells (one of level <n> and one of level <n> or less) that are usually incompatible to be combined together.

Spell Weave has the following properties:

Example: An enemy Mage casts Dispel Magic 2 on Magma’s sword, which removes the Blades Sharp 2 AND the associated Spell Weave 3 and Ice Blade 3.

Example: Magma downcasts a Spell Weave 3 (lvl 3) on his 1H sword to combine Ice Blade 3 (lvl 3) and Blade Sharp 2 (lvl 2) as a Spell Weave 2 (lvl 2) for 1 hour containing an Ice Blade 2 (lvl 2) and Blade Sharp 1 (lvl 1). His 1H sword damage call becomes “Sharp 5, Ice 2”.

Example: Magma has 11 Mana tied up in his 1H sword for an hour. During this time this Mana cannot be rested/meditated/slept back.

Recall has the following properties:

Blink has the following properties:

Life/Death Ward
If a undead/living creature (or any item they are holding) is attacked (by melee, missile or spell/miracle) over the ward, that creature alone may cross the ward.
The level of a Life/Death Ward cannot be increased with Willpower.

Time Faff
As per Time In, in that the players are now in the game world in the roles of their characters, but they should not advance further.
Generally used by GMs when they need a bit more time to set up the next encounter. IC this can represent the extra time taken to move between locations, as generally OOC things are a bit closer together than they would be in IC reality.


If the armour worn is not made of the correct material then the base value for the armour will generally be decreased. Consult the Character Ref in this instance (e.g. Plate armour made of plastic instead of metal will generally have a base value of 4 instead of 6, though the Plate Proficiency skill must still be bought).

Clear Mind
Clear Mind CANNOT remove possession.


A character with this adept ability can disarm a character wielding a weapon (not a shield) with less skill than themselves instead of doing damage.

Consecrate Dead
Once a Consecrate Dead miracle has been cast on a dead body, it can no longer be affected by Animate Dead spells, miracles or abilities. The character can still be brought back to life using Raise Dead or Resurrection miracles or abilities (if the character is brought back to life in this fashion then the Consecrate Dead is no longer running).


Transcend Armour
Transcend Armour starts at level 1.
You must buy all preceding levels e.g. to buy Transcend Armour 2 you must have already bought Transcend Armour 1.


Manufacture Skills
The Make Superior skills require the basic Make skill to have been bought first e.g. Make Superior Heavy Armour requires Make Heavy Armour.

Gaining Experience
For GMs, the amount of MPs start with a base of half the Player base (rounded up).
There is then a pool of MPs equal to the difference between the Player base and the GM base, which can be assigned amongst the GMs as they deem fit.
For monsters, the amount of MPs start with a base of half the Player base (rounded up).

<Path> Gift
The caster cannot have any other Gift active.

Mana Gift
The caster cannot have another Mana Gift active.


Character Recycling
It is possible that you do not enjoy the new character you have created (particularly if you are new to the system). As such with permission from the Character Ref you may recycle the character if you have played 3 games or less.
When recycling a character all CPs earned for the old character are transferred to MPs for spending on your new character (likewise all MPs spent on the old character are returned). Any Danger Pay earned on games for the old character (including any spent) are transferred to the new character, with permission from the Character Ref. Any other money found or items created/found are lost.

He has the choice of either 1H (including dagger) or 2H (including staff) weapon skills at half cost, including specialist skills (Subdue, Weapon Adepts, Favoured/Chosen Weapon etc.).

Added a Power type descriptor to appropriate spell/miracle descriptions (e.g. Fire Dart has Power: Fire in its description).

Elemental Protection
Power type protection can be: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Sun, Dark, Chaos, Holy, Unholy, Sap.
Only one Seasonal Enhancement can be active on the character at any time.

Shadow Merge
The target’s body and possessions turn into shadow. This has the following effects:

The Shadow Merge ends if any of the following conditions are met:

1H Weapon Proficiency
This Spellsword spell cannot be used to give Fist proficiency.

Causing Damage
Added 1H Spear.
Added notes about using a Staff.

If the spell/miracle has a Casting Time, you still need to spend the Casting Time, before the spell/miracle takes effect.

The Paladin’s main weapon is dedicated by his Path. The weapon chosen for this dedication will be normal (and can never be enchanted/consecrated to hold a spell/miracle).

If the Standing/Mana is lost then the scroll is destroyed (e.g. if the spell/miracle is interrupted or the spell/miracle casting is stopped without spending the 5 seconds of concentration).

Temple Of Order
If a Judge causes damage (this includes Subdue, but does not include casting/overcasting damage), be it on a person (this includes Demons) or object, there is a backlash from the forces of Order to which he is strongly allied. He takes Body Point damage on all locations equal to his Guild Rank and his Death Threshold is lowered by 1 for the next 24 hours.


Damage Reduction
Now works in a similar way to armour.

Special Strikes
Clarified how they work with Damage Reduction & Dodge.

Monster Points
Changed the 30MP spend limit between games to 30CP.

Cone of Cold
Moved from Water to Fire as Flaming Breath (with Flaming Hand requirement).

Control Undead
Control Undead (Necomancy) now the same as Control Undead (Death).

Now 10 seconds to be consistent with most other spells/miracles.

Mass Protection

The maximum amount that a shield can be Strengthened to is twice the shield’s base Breakage Value.

Willpower Spells/Miracles
Removed the ability to change focus using Willpower boosted spells/miracles.

Discern <Path>
Now has a range of 10’ to be consistent with other area of effect type spells/miracles.

Talisman/Holy Symbols
Are not magical/miraculous, so cannot be detected by Detect Magic, Discern <Path> etc. Can be detected with Evaluate skill.

Added weapon minimum lengths.

Crossbows are now covered by two skills 1H Crossbow & 2H Crossbow (rather than Thrown and Crossbow). 1H Crossbow doing 4 damage, 2H Crossbow doing 7 damage.

Manufacture skills can now be used to repair Weapons, Shields & Armour.

Armour Quality
Superior armour can now have a reduced Casting Penalty.

Earth Merge
Can now be used in ANY ground (no separate Stone Merge). Removed Masses. Renamed "Earth Withdraw*

Renamed “Order Withdraw”.

Enhance Will
Lowered by a level, removed Masses and renamed “Willpower” to be consistent with Dexterity & Toughness spells/miracles.

The time taken to Refine a spell/miracle into an instant-cast from a ritual/ceremony has been modified. Also added rules for assistance/refining a chain.

Avoiding Damage
If non-proficient in armour then half (round down) protection. Also added example showing that Armour Quality, Strength, Strengthen etc. are all halved also. If the total protection provided for lack of proficiency is equal to 0, then there is no Dexterity/Casting Penalty.

Causing Damage
If non-proficient in weapon then half (round down) damage. Also added example showing that Armour Quality, Strengthen etc. are all halved also.

Stacking Spells/Miracles
Added explanations on how stacking spells/miracles works. This explains how Fear, Dispel etc. work.
N.B. Remove Fear clears ALL Fear effects, Clear Mind only removes a SINGLE mental effect i.e. one Fear effect, not all Fear effects.

Fetch/Spirit Guide
Made Fetch/Spirit Guide Dispel Magic/Miracle damage consistent.

Added as a Guild.

Cloud Form
Contrary to the usual rule for spells/miracles, can be cancelled immediately.

Added which bonuses are kept/lost when leaving a Guild:
[LOSE] – Lose
[KEEP GAINED/BOUGHT] – Any bonuses you have already received/bought are kept.
[KEEP RESTRICTED] – Any bonuses you have already received are kept as long as you obey the restriction noted in italics.

Costs have been amended so they get cheaper Weapon Adepts and Strength (Double Strength etc.)

Fire Skin/Storm Skin
Removed doubling effect of Fire/Lightning and reduced a level.

Eye of the Storm
Made more effective.

Elemental Protection
Now provides ‘double’ power protection for a single element/principle (for Normal protection there are now just two options Metal or Non-Metal).

Remove <Strength> Weakness
Added to Light list.

Religious Ceremony/Consecrate Item
Amended Path of Nature so you don’t have to learn it at 2 principle cost. You learn it separately for your Primary (and Secondary Sect if Druid), same for Consecrate Item.

Secondary Sect can be learnt up to level 10.

Tree Heal
Healing can all be provided at the end of the 5 minutes i.e. to heal a Broken Bone.

Removed Fur Skin requirement.

Animal Leap
Amended to be more consistent with Blink etc. Lowered a level, stated distance in paces, uses Time Stop.

Seasonal Enhancement
Now Touch.
Changed Autumn bonus to Endurance rather than Enhance Life as unclear if this was maximum/current Life etc.


Cure Disease. At Guild Rank 5, the Paladin gains Cure Disease 0, which increases by 1 for every 5 Guild Ranks. This curing can be divided across multiple uses. Thus a 10th Guild Rank Paladin can either use one Cure Disease 1 or two Cure Disease 0 in a day. This power is recovered after the Paladin has slept for at least 2 hours. This ability work in the same way as the Cure Disease miracle (and so can be cast down as Disease Resistance, if doing this any power active cannot be recovered).

One minute after the Undead is killed, it will rise up again with full Life points. Each Regenerate ability works only once, thus to create a skeleton which regenerates twice requires the regenerate ability to be chosen twice.
When an Undead Regenerates its Mana/Standing remains on what is was when it ‘died’. Also any spells/miracles that were cast on it before it ‘died’ remain in effect, unless stated otherwise (e.g. Control/Turn Undead).

Clarified that the touch fire attack can be dodged.

Fire Form
Clarified that the touch fire attack can be dodged.

Clarified that Amazon Druids do not have the bonuses/restrictions of the Druid Guild.

Bind the Soul
Clarified that this cannot be cast on Undead.
N.B. Note also that effectively Bless does not protect against this as effectively it happens instantly as soon as the person is dying.


If there are multiple Charged spells/miracles in a single item, then the total of all charges cannot exceed the maximum number of charges.

Invisibility has the following properties:

N.B. Effects like light will be visible (e.g. if you are holding an invisible lantern the lantern itself will be invisible, but the light coming out of it will be visible).

Gladiator Points
Durational effects e.g. Power Damage can be started instantly and cancelled instantly. However once active they cannot be ‘paused’.

A Barbarian must


Rising in Guild Rank in the Defenders brings certain bonuses. A character can only get NCO or CO bonuses per Guild Rank, which is the first they receive.

If the Gale is sufficiently strong enough, characters (excluding the caster) who are under a Grip (or similar effect) will be pulled out of the Grip (taking 5 seconds per location as usual) and blown back.

Spell Prime
You cannot Spell Prime a multicast spell.


Mana/<Path> Gift
Can be extended, but you cannot make permanent items of it.

Multicast/Combined Prayer
You do not need to learn multicast/combine for previous spells/miracles in a chain e.g. You can learn the multicast ‘Freeze(R) and Ice Dart 4’ without knowing the multicast ‘Freeze(R) and Ice Dart 2’.

<Path> Ward
You cannot make a permanent item of <Path> Ward.

Broken bones are not mended.

Power Sight
A Paladins Dedicated Weapon would be seen, as it is a miraculous item (Strengthen or Bless). A Paladins Power/Normal armour bonus would not be seen.

Earth Merge/Withdraw
In order to Earth Merge/Withdraw you cannot be restrained (e.g. by spells/miracles like Grip, Entangle etc. or physically by being held/ropes etc.).
When the Earth Merge/Withdraw ends, the target emerges from the same point that he entered. If the point is occupied, then they will emerge at the nearest available point unconscious for 5 minutes or until damaged.


Blink, Shadow Blink, Tree Blink
Take an additional character (can be taken multiple times). The additional character(s) must touch the caster. The caster must go with the character(s).

Cloud Form
The character cannot speak louder than normal speaking volume.

Spirit Guide/Fetch
The Spirit Guide/Fetch can be harmed by Holy/Unholy damage, depending on if the Shaman/Witch Doctor would be harmed by Holy/Unholy damage.

Casting Penalty
Superior armour that increases the protective value of the armour also affects the Casting Penalty.


Mystic Life
Can be cast as an instant (for healing) or duration (for increased maximum Life/Body).

Permanently strengthened items cannot be created by spreading a Strengthen across locations.
Strengthen 0 just protects shields (rather than adding +3 to breakage value).

When activating an item, it always counts as the activators own casting (regardless of who created the item).

Miracle Gift
You cannot Miracle Gift Miracle Gift.

Spell Gift
You cannot Spell Gift Spell Gift.


Turn Undead
Can be cast as Destroy Undead at <n> – 2

You cannot make items with spell primed spells in them (you can have Spell Prime in an item).

The Mana/Standing recovered by Meditate/Prayer all come back at the end of the 15 minutes. In order to recover Mana/Standing from ‘active’ spells/miracles they must end before the end of the Meditate/Prayer (note it is ok for them to end during the Mediate/Prayer, they do not have to have to have ended before you start).


Flaming Hands
Specified a 90 degree cone.

Cone of Cold
Specified a 90 degree cone.

Wall of Air
Only effects melee & missile attacks (so not Air Blast).
Wall of Air does stack with Gale for missile attacks.

<School> Form
Changed to Non-stackable.

Magic Adept
Swift/Undodgeable is only useful for offensive, dodgeable spells (not including area of effect spells).

Chaos Blade
Weapon degradation happens at a duration dependent upon the weapon quality and when the Chaos Blade expires.

Bark Skin
The ability to modify Bark Skin to provide Power Armour can be done as the Bark Skin is cast and by concentrating for 30 seconds.

Tree Heal
Happens at the end of each minute (there is no proportional healing).

Bestow Life
Happens at the end of each minute (there is no proportional healing).
Can be used to heal a broken location (assuming it has been set with the Set Broken Bone skill).

Player created spells/miracles
You cannot refine a spell/miracle that is greater than level 10.

Interrupting Spells/Miracles
A character who loses Mana/Standing (e.g. from a Lace) while casting has the spell/miracle interrupted losing the full amount of Mana/Standing.

<Path> Lace
For corner paths, the standing loss is rounded down and takes place after Power Armour.

The ability to modify Mystic Blade/Mystic Armour cannot be done on permanent items.
He gains the ability to cast higher level Spellsword or General spells with only his ‘favoured’ arm (Ambidextrous characters can have either arm free) as long as he has a weapon in his other hand.

Shattering Blow
Does not stack with Mighty Blow.

Mighty Blow
Stacks with Backstab & Weapon Adepts. It does not stack with Subdue, Throat Slit or Shattering Blow.

Temple of Freedom
If using the half cost bonus to learn instant-cast spells, the half cost can either be taken in one spell chain (e.g. Fire Dart) or in one level (e.g. level 0 Fire spells). If using the half cost bonus to learn ritual levels, the half cost applies per ritual level.

To extend a Mass spell/miracle you must cast a separate Extend/Extension on every character you want extended. You cannot cast one Extend/Extension to affect everyone.

Recovering Mana/Standing/Life
When healing a character who has taken both real and subdue damage. The real damage is healed first.

Raise Dead/Resurrection
The casting time for this miracle is as follows:

Temple of Order
Should not damage Demons.

Iron Skin
The Dexterity penalty of the Iron Skin is equal to the Normal protection provided by the Iron Skin.

Throat Slit
Does not stack with Backstab, Weapon Adepts or Mighty Blow.

Can be interrupted as follows:

A character who is in pain cannot concentrate sufficiently. Thus if any locations are unusable, broken or crushed/severed, he cannot cast/cancel spells/miracles.

Discern Disease
Allows a character to discern:

From a visual inspection allows the character to instantly determine whether an item is non-Normal. If the character can also touch the item they can ascertain the exact quality of an item (Ubiquitous, Common, etc.) and also estimate its monetary value to within 10%.
On an OOC basis a character with this skill can keep a list of the standard IC item prices (IC Money). A character without this skill should not keep this list (since it is not really a list but represents going round haggling/getting best prices etc.), but if they can remember the prices that is fine.

Poison & Disease
A Poison Touch or Cause Disease can be prevented by a Disruptive Aura or Spell Immunity. These both work regardless of whether the poison/disease is based on a spell/miracle. For Spell Immunity the specific poison/disease must be specified and it is always classed as a miracle.
Disruptive Aura/Spell Immunity provide no protection from contagious diseases.


Magic Adept
Spells which have been enhanced with a Magic Adept dispel/extend at their normal level, not the effective level.

Stone Merge
Cannot be down-cast to Earth Merge.

Cannot be down-cast as Ignite.

<Melee Weapon> Proficiency
The maximum length for a dagger is 2’.

Discern Spiritual Influence
Cannot be used on yourself.

Spirit Guides
Cannot be effect by Control or Turn/Destroy Undead.

Cannot be involved in a Mana Pool.

If the target drops below normal Strength he collapses and most obey the following:

Touch attacks
You can be damaged during the 30 seconds and still continue to deliver the touch spell/miracle, unless your arm has become broken/unusable.
If you deliver a touch attack which is a locational effect and it requires both hands, then both hands must touch the same location, else nothing happens.

Clear Mind
Clear Mind removes the effect of one offensive Mental spell/miracle cast on the target character.

Chaos Blade
Chaos Blade can be cast on any weapon, imbuing it with Chaos. The weapon causes <n> points of Power damage, but after the effect wears off the weapon becomes permanently damaged, doing 1 point less Normal base damage.
If the base damage of a weapon drops to 0, it is destroyed. A weapon damaged/destroyed by Chaos Blade can be repaired using the Mend spell/miracle. When repaired it returns to its full base damage.

Determining your Path
A character does not have a Path until he has learnt his first Miracle, Ceremony level, Consecrate Item level or Read/Write <Path> Runes. The way the character purchases this determines his Path.

Joining a Guild
Many Guilds have a requirement that you must follow a certain Path(s). You may only join that guild if you follow that Path(s) OR you have no Path.
If you have no Path then when you buy your first first Miracle, Ceremony level, Consecrate Item level or Read/Write <Path> Runes it must be bought for one of the Guilds Path(s). If you do not you will be expelled from the Guild.

Storm Hand
You cannot cast Storm Hands twice to have it running on both hands. If you have the Ambidexterity skill you can have it running on either hand, the hand being chosen at the time of casting. If you do not have the Ambidexterity skill it must be on your main hand.

He gains a bonus to Willpower equal to his Rank divided 10 when resisting effects from Undead or Necromancers (this does not include Life Ward).

Gather and Mend
The pieces must all be within 100’ of the target point. Regardless if the pieces are being held or are enclosed, the pieces will disappear and reform into the object at the target point. If any pieces are not within range, then no pieces will move.

Bonus Life/Standing/Mana received from Guilds do not count towards threshold costs, only those bought with actual CPs count towards the threshold.

Poison Touch/Cause Disease
If a Poison Touch or Cause Disease has a non-damaging effect like Sleep/Coma or Freeze. The effect happens instantaneously and continues for the whole duration of the poison/disease. However it can be stopped by whatever condition usually breaks the spell/miracle. It will then keep happening at 1 hour intervals until the duration ends or it is cured.

Temple of Order
Overcasting does not trigger a backlash.

For Bound/Attaching options ALL spells or miracles contained within it must be Bound/Attaching.
You can upgrade an item (increase spell/miracle level or add an option).
You cannot downgrade an item (lower spell/miracle level or remove an option).


Both race & group can be done with the same casting.

When used, if the item only contains Single Use effects and the last has been used, it becomes just a mundane item and must be prepared again.

If a character would be taken ‘below’ 0 Death Thresholds by over-casting, he cannot over-cast, UNLESS he decides to sacrifice his life and immediately dies after casting the spell/miracle. He can over-cast by any amount with the number of ‘negative’ Death Thresholds reached corresponding to the number of days before he can be resurrected (assuming he still has Death Thresholds left).

For permanent items that affect the wearer:

Luminosity Group
Light & Dark are opposites.

Miracle Gift
Cannot be used to gift Justice/Freedom/Anarchy/Might/Balance miracles.

Player created spells/miracles
You can only research and refine one spell/miracle at a time.
If you know a standard spell/miracle as a ritual, you can always refine it to an instant-cast (for example if you no longer have access to training to learn it normally).

Turn Undead
If the Undead is killed and regenerates or is re-animated then the Turn Undead is no longer in effect.

Weapon Adepts
Can be bought for Fist or Claw (which includes using the Claw Hand miracle), excluding Disarm.

Cannot be used when deliberating intercepting a blow aimed at another.

<School> Runes
You can only learn runes for the schools that you can potentially cast from (note you do not need to be able to cast a spell from the school, though learning your first elemental school spell/runes, means that you cannot learn the opposite schools spells/runes, similarly for Light/Dark).

Summoning a Demon
The pentacle is separate to any Ritual Circle used when summoning a Demon via ritual.

Spell Weave
Touch (weapon)/Self (protection)

Speak with Dead
Will work on a body that is in the process of being Raised/Resurrected/Reborn.

Is broken when you start casting (including starting a ritual).

Increases the Normal damage a character does with a One Handed Weapon (including Dagger) & Fist/Claws by 3 if an opponent has his back turned to him or is helpless.

Disruptive Aura
The target (and armour he is wearing, weapons he is wielding and magical/miraculous items been worn/wielded) are immune to spells and miracles of level <n> or less.

<Path> Gift
The caster cannot go below 0 Standing.

Mana Gift
The caster cannot go below 0 Mana.

Can be cast on any weapon, shield, armour or other object (other object being up to 1 cubic foot in volume).
Protects the object from being destroyed (e.g. via the spells/miracles Destroy, Warp & Rust).
Protection can be cast alongside Strengthen, but provides no additional damage/protection/breakage value.


Stated ritual restrictions.

You cannot downcast when creating an item.
You can downcast when using an item, if you embedded the spell/miracle into the item.
You can change the parameters of a spell/miracle when using the item i.e. the parameters for a Blink, number of people, distance etc.
You can only upgrade a spell/miracle in the item if you embedded the spell/miracle.

Added Fist Expertise – Legendary Mastery.
Shield cheaper for Scouts & Mages.
Combination/Enhanced Combination cheaper for Scouts.
Chain more expensive for Scouts.
Added <Armour> Advanced Mastery – Legendary Mastery for Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Half-Ogre.
Prayer cheaper for Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Half-Ogre.
Make Light Armour more expensive for Elf, Half-Elf.
Added Shield Advanced Mastery – Legendary Mastery.
Cheaper weapon/shield progression for Half-Orc, Half-Ogre, Amazon, Barbarian.
Cheaper Scout Throwing costs for Half-Orc.
Cheaper Scout Dagger costs for Half-Ogre.
Rec Magic/Read Runes cheaper for Half-Ogre.
Amazon Druid costs changed to be like Priest cost (should have been changed during the druid change last year).
Banded/Plate more expensive for Amazons.
Weapon Adept cheaper for Amazons, Barbarian.
Evaluate cheaper for Amazons, Barbarian.
Willpower cheaper for Amazons.
Toughness more expensive for Barbarian.
Cheaper armour progression for Barbarian.
Dex slightly more expensive for Amazon/Barbarian Warriors.
Throat Slit cheaper for Barbarian Witchdoctor/Shaman.
Modified Barbarian Magic/Religious costs.

Holy Symbol/Talisman
Stated explicitly that you only need to buy the skill once and can make as many Talismans/Holy Symbols with it as you want (with appropriate Death Threshold penalties).

Changed so cannot take Life/Body Points below 0.

Added Shield spec, exp, etc. & Subdue spells.

Renamed Drain Wounds.

Cause Wounds/Steal Life
Cause Wounds, turned into Steal Wounds. Steal Wounds/Life increased in level, but cannot be resisted by Power Armour and cannot increase above maximum.

Speak with Dead
Simplified chain for Death, removed from Necromancy.

Mana/<Path> Gift
Cannot gift more than (maximum – any active Mana/Standing).

Changed to 10 secs and gives Blindness effect.

Drain Mana
Renamed Mana Lace.

Steal Mana
Changed back to Touch, but lowered in level and cannot be resisted by Power Armour.

Spell Immunity
Removed level 10 cap.

Removed from Fire list.

Clear Sight
Added to Light list.

Added to Light list.

Cure Disease
Lowered by 1 level.

Neutralise Poison
Lowered by 1 level.

Turn Undead
Lowered by 1 level.

Lowered by 1 level.

Aspect of Nature
Lowered by 1 level.

Aspect of the Paths
Lowered by 2 levels.

Summon Treant

Shocking Grasp
Changed to be like Drain Wounds.

Level 0/1 spells/miracles can now be cast while running at rank 15/30, by any characters, not just Mages/Priests.

Dispel & Disruptive Aura
Willpower/Holy Symbol boosted spells/miracles dispel at their boosted level e.g. Coma 2 cast as Coma 4 including Willpower dispel as Coma 4 (level 7).

Magic Adepts
Removed pre-requisites.
Removed over-use.

Weapon Adepts
Removed pre-requisites.
Removed over-use (including Gladiator Point weapon adept over use).
Changed Piercing to half all normal protection (including magic/miraculous).
Removed from Spellsword & Light lists.
Knockback now based on your Strength.
Disarm now based on your Weapon Skill.

<School> Form
Now have a progression (1-4) and provide DR, reduced mana costs, spell immunity or a special ability.
Removed Shadow Form.
Removed Were Form.


Interrupting Spells/Miracles
Activating an item or casting another spell/miracle (i.e. by using Spell Prime) counts as interrupting your spell/miracle.

Added the following: Anything touching (or being touched by) the target suffers the effects of a Destroy spell and is destroyed unless protected. The target and anything he wears/carries is immune to this.

Elemental Protection
Modified this to say element or principle, so can be used to protect against death, chaos etc.

Commissioned Officer Ranks
If you purchase a commission, then you do not receive the superior (& higher) equipment bonus.

Wall of Air
Does not stop people moving through it.

Breaking Objects
A spell/miracle that destroys an object (e.g. Destroy, Rust & Warp) will destroy any standard size weapon, armour location or shield. Otherwise it will destroy any object up to 1 cubic foot in size.
Note that it will only destroy that object, if it is a distinct object, you could not Destroy just 1 cubic foot of a very large rock and hence you could not use Mass Destroy to destroy a very large rock. You could use Destroy to destroy a brick and Mass Destroy to destroy a wall, since bricks would be individual objects.

Fetches & Spirit Guides
Note that you cannot spend CPs on your Fetch/Spirit Guide until you have called your Fetch/Spirit Guide (i.e. are at least a Rank 5 Witchdoctor/Shaman and so your first 50 CPs spent must be on your character, not your Fetch/Spirit Guide).

To buy the next level of skill, costs the next level of the skill, you do not get it cheaper if the Fetch/Spirit Guide already has an earlier level of the skill for ‘free’.

Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor can teach his Fetch spells, which the Witch Doctor can then cast using the standard rules for instant spells (i.e. use 3 words per level, have required hands free, spend the required Mana and take casting damage). Note the Witch Doctor always counts as the caster of the spell, and hence it is his Mana that is used and he takes any casting damage (not the Fetch).

Disguise will be detected by the spells Detect Magic and Magic Sight. But you will not be able to detect that the target is specifically under a disguise (unless by Magic Divination). e.g. a human disguised as an elf, would look the same under Magic Sight as an elf with a fire skin cast up. Also if the same human disguised as an elf was also under an Invisibility, then under Dark Sight, they would look like an elf, under Magic Sight, they would look the same as an elf with a fire skin cast up.

<Path> Ward
By default wards are infinitely tall, but height can be configured by the caster if specifically required to be a certain height. Note they can go through substances, so no burrowing underneath them either (again unless specifically configured to be a certain depth).

Characters who are under a Float will always be blown back regardless of their Strength.

The target can be awoken before the 15 minutes by any of the following methods:


Glowing Mark
For the duration of the spell, the target’s Dexterity and/or Dodge (e.g. from Displacement) bonus is reduced by <n>, to a minimum of 0.
Where the target has both Dexterity and Dodge bonus, the Dodge bonus is reduced first.

Provides no protection against area of effect spells/miracles e.g. Flaming Hands, Fireball etc.


Ritual Circle
The ritual circle must be big enough to encompass the Casters, Components, Focuses & Sacrifices. The physical circle must be created during the ‘drawing’ time, this can be by marking a circle in the earth, using rope/branches, pouring powder etc. It must also be relatively simple to destroy, by scuffing the ground, removing the rope etc. and cannot be hidden.

Power Sight
When concentrating, the caster will be made aware of any miraculous items, active miracles and entities which he can see. This is a passive miracle. In order to see power, you must concentrate and call “Power Sight”.

Magic Sight
When concentrating, the caster will be made aware of any magic items, active spells and entities which he can see. This is a passive spell. In order to see magic, you must concentrate and call “Magic Sight”.

Discern Spiritual Influence
Allows a character to discern:

Casting Vocals
If a spell/miracle has multiple sources then the source should be included in the vocals immediately before the spell/miracle name. If the source is not stated, then the target can assume the best source for any protection they have.

The Paladin’s dedicated weapon follows the same rules as for normal permanent items with regard to Dispel i.e. if the blessing is dispelled, it is suppressed for 15 minutes then returns.

Earth/Stone Merge & Withdraw
While withdrawn the following are true:

The caster can concentrate to end the withdraw early. Though on an OOC note they should decide on the duration of the withdraw before casting it, so cheating is avoided i.e. cancelling immediately after the area is safe.


Aspect of the Paths
Amended list to include corner path examples.

Unholy Symbol bonus can be used by Dark Druids.

Bolster Undead
Unholy Symbol bonus can be used by Dark Druids.


Now classified as Light or Heavy. With Pathfinders/Archers not being allowed to wear Heavy armour.

Mass Destroy
Area set to 10’ Radius.

The caster can move at a slow walk and turn with a Gale in effect.

The target cannot take any hostile action against the caster, but note that the target does not become a mindless slave of the caster, nor does he abandon his previous allies and friends.

If the caster breaks any of these conditions the rate of recovery returns to normal and cannot be increased again for the remaining duration of the Regrow.

The miracle ends when one of the following conditions is met:

Allows the caster to give <n> points of Standing per minute to another person with the following restrictions:
1. The caster must touch the person, if contact is broken then the Gift ends.
2. The caster must have no Path or follow the Path of <as appropriate to Gift>.
3. The person must follow the Path of <as appropriate to Gift>.
4. If the person is a follower of the same Path as the caster, the transfer rate is doubled. N.B. The transfer rate is not doubled if the caster has no Path.
5. The person cannot gain more Standing than his normal maximum.

Work with Cabal/Conclave
Starts at level 0.

Broken Limb
If have a broken head/chest, which is set with the skill Set Broken Bone (but not 20pts of healing) you remain unconscious.

Spell Prime
When casting a Spell Prime, the spell to be primed must be cast with all associated parameters preset.

The target of the form must have dedicated themselves to the specific element.

An attack is counted as a single melee/missile attack or a single spell/miracle. Hence if an Ice Dart is subject to retribution it will affect all locations of the caster/attacker as normal. If a Shocking Grasp is subject to retribution it will affect either one or two locations, depending on where the hands were placed.

Instantly recognise a spell (as opposed to a miracle) when cast on him or his possessions. Note the Barbarian does not automatically know the identity of the caster.

A character who can detect the Fetch can target them with ranged (not touch) spells, but not miracles.

Fetches are magical creatures, and so are detectable via Detect Magic, Magic Sight and Magic Divination. The Fetch (if present) can always be seen if the Witch Doctor can be seen, it cannot be hidden behind/in something for instance.

Fetch/Spirit Guide
Cannot be healed by healing spells/miracles.

Talisman/Holy Symbol
If the creator permanently dies, the item continues to be a Talisman/Holy Symbol and could theoretically be used again if they could be brought back somehow.

Targeting Spells/Miracles
Self – requires no targeting.
Touch – requires you to touch the target (person, object etc.).
Range – requires you to be able to see the target (person, object, etc.).
Mass – requires you to be able to see the centre point (person, object, point on ground etc.)

Spell Type
Elemental – There must be a physically traversable path from the caster to the target (e.g. you cannot cast a Fire Dart at someone in a sealed room from the outside).

Disruptive Aura
Disruptive Aura works in the same was as Dispel Magic/Miracle with regard to level of spell/miracle for range/mass variants.

Shocking Grasp
If cast through a weapon, it obeys the same rules as for Stacking Weapon Spells/Miracles.

Weapon Adept
Must all be attached to a damage call, except Disarm.


Magic Adept
Any Touch to Range location damage spell goes to the least injured location (like a Mass effect). When multiple attacks are done (like Shocking Grasp, which does 2 attacks, one for each hand) they are handled individually, so may go to different locations depending on injuries.

Backstab can be added to Subdue damage.


Blade Effects and Bows
If the Blade effect is protective, then it will protect the bow and the arrow whilst in flight and if it is nocked.

Regrow does not fix a broken location (though a Severed/Crushed location will grow back unbroken). It will still regenerate body points for that location, but the location will remain unusable.

It is not possible to end a ritual early and cast a lower level spell/miracle.

Is effective against Metal/Wood Immunity.

Resisting Spells/Miracles with Dexterity, Toughness and Willpower
If you cannot resist a spell/miracle due to having insufficient Willpower/Toughness/Dexterity, then it does not stop running if you later get a Willpower/Toughness/Dexterity boost that would have resisted the spell/miracle.

The following attacks can be subject to Retribution:

Everything associated with the attack is subject to retribution i.e. Sharp/Blunt, Normal damage, Power damage, Piercing, Swift etc.

Mass Heal Wounds
All Mass Heal Wound’s are intelligent.

Recall has the following properties:

The range of Recall is the shortest available route from the departure point to the recall point. This is usually a straight line, but if for instance there was a Ward in the way, the range would be the distance you would have to go around the Ward (if even possible).

Casting Recall when the prepared site is out of range causes the target(s) of the spell to be temporarily trapped in the ethereal plane, bounced about by the magical whiplash. After a few seconds, they will reappear at the departure point, unconscious for 5 minutes or until damaged.

Recall points are personal to the caster and cannot be used by others.

Favoured/Chosen Weapon
If you use Favoured/Chosen Weapon on a Bow/Crossbow then you do not need to have a strengthened Bow/Crossbow to make use of the extra base damage with strength.


Magic Adept
Speed Cast halves (round down) the total number of vocals, including any other Magic Adepts used.

Charged Items
You do not have to embed the maximum number of charges, you can embed anywhere from 1 up to the maximum number of charges. The time taken to embed the spell/miracle is the same regardless of the number of charges.

Permanent Items
Are always active (and cannot be turned off).

Using a Potion simply requires drinking it. If a Potion contains multiple doses of a single effect, then the effect can be gained by drinking a sufficient portion (that slot of the potion is then permanently consumed). If a Potion contains multiple effects, then the effects can only be gained by drinking the entire Potion (all slots of the potion are permanently consumed).

Gain a bonus of Rank/10 to the amount of Willpower added to Turn/Destroy Undead miracles.

If multiclassed, then they must choose either Mage or Priest Advanced Training/Bonuses, they do not get them both.

Talisman/Holy Symbol
You cannot use the same item for both.

After learning a miracle from one Principle, a Priest cannot learn another miracle from that Principle until he has learnt one from all other Principles that the Path embodies (note the actual level of the miracle is irrelevant).

Leather Proficiency
Allows you to wear thick or thin leather and Troll Skin.

Studded Leather Proficiency
Allows you to wear thick or thin studded leather and studded Troll Skin.

If the Extend/Extension is cancelled, then the original spell/miracle reverts to its original duration from the time it was first cast. Hence it may have already expired or have up to 15mins left to run.
If the original spell/miracle is cancelled, then the Extend/Extension is automatically cancelled.

You do not have to have prerequisites stored in a Spell store.

If an Anarchy follower deflects a spell cast at them onto a Barbarian, the Barbarian should kill the Anarchy follower, he does not need to kill (though can if he wants) the actual caster of the spell and he may even be unaware of who actually cast it.

Upgrading Magic Items
Anyone with the requisite skills can upgrade a Magic Item, it does not need to be the original creator of the item.

You cannot Trip someone who is in the process of getting out of a Grip i.e. has just one leg free.

You can Grip someone who is suffering the effects of an Earthquake, if so you will grip their head & body (as their legs/arms are in the air).


Detect Lie
If Detect Lie is blocked from affecting the character (i.e. by Spell Immunity, Order Resistance etc.) then ‘No Effect’ should be called as usual.

Miracle/Spell Gift
Can be cast by ritual, but you cannot gift spells/miracles that you only know as rituals. Only instant-cast spells/miracles can be gifted.

Willpower Spells/Miracles
When suffering from a Willpower reducing spell/miracle, assume any enhanced Willpower from spells/miracle is reduced first. So you can still potentially boost spells/miracles with some/all of your natural Willpower.

Temple of Freedom
The half-cost bonus can be used on Enhance Mana to reduce the cost of all Mana subsequently bought.


If a piece of armour is destroyed (for example by a spell/miracle) then that piece of armour is not included when calculating the Dexterity Penalty.

It is ok to cast Light spells on people who are not members of the Illuminati.

Speak with the Dead
The creature can reply with up to one sentence long answers.

You can cast multiple spells/miracles together that interact in some way (e.g. Extend/Extension and Spell Weave), in which case the final effect is only ready when the full ritual ends.

Causing Damage
A character can always voluntarily lower the amount of Normal damage they can do (to a minimum of 1). Power damage can never voluntarily be lowered.

Does allow you to track invisible creatures.
Does not allow you to track incorporeal creatures.

Recognise Creature
Will not allow you to recognise invisible/incorporeal creatures unless you have the following spells/miracles/abilities running:

Provides no protection if you are invisible.

Enemy bonus provides +1 Dexterity.

Magic Pool
Only the actual caster gains the benefits of the pool cast spell.

Heat Metal
Added examples for extended Heat Metal, cancelled/dispelled Heat Metal and permanent item of Heat Metal.


Described how this works in conjunction with Touch attack spells/miracles.

Weapon/Magic Adepts
In order to learn these you must have any prerequisites naturally, they cannot be provided by a spell/miracle. However, when using them you do not need to meet the prerequisites. Examples have been added to clarify this.

All Round Sight
Described how this works with Dexterity Penalty and Dexterity reducing spells/miracles.

Added an example of how this interacts with All Round Sight.

Throat Slit
You must have at least Dagger Proficiency to perform a Throat Slit.

You must be at least Proficient in the weapon you are wielding.

Temple of Justice
Added an example of how the Temple bonus works with Detect Lie.

Discern Death
Dark Druids will not glow (unless they have an active Death miracle on them) as they follow the Path of Nature (not the Path of Death, despite knowing Death miracles).

Death Resistance
This does work against Death miracles cast by a Dark Druid.


Causes Power damage rather than Normal damage.

Blade Sharp & Bludgeon
Cannot be used on claws.

The Gale is only in effect within the arc of the casters arms. The size of the arc can be chosen by the caster (up to 180 degrees) but cannot be varied once cast. The Gale ends when the duration expires or the caster closes his arms (in which case it cannot be restarted without re-casting the spell).
The caster can move at a slow walk with a Gale in effect.


Troll Skin
A single Troll Skin hide can only make exactly 1 helmet, 1 breastplate, 2 bracers and 2 greaves.
You only gain the benefit of 1 point of power armour if 4/6 of your body locations are covered with Troll Skin.

You only need to touch the location to start the regrow, then it will continue on its own without continual touching.
However if you wish to increase the rate of recovery then you must concentrate and keep touching the location.

Detect Magic & Magic Sight
Will detect Talismans.

Magic Divination
Will reveal if an item is a Talisman.

A character without this skill does half base damage with the weapon in their off hand.


Magic Pool
Can only be used with instant cast spells (not rituals).

Rituals with a range of ‘Self’ only effect the Ritual Leader.


Enhance Smell
Removed references to old spells Blur/Cloak.
Can see through Invisibility (but not Aspect of Nature).

Invisibility, Aspect of Nature & Aspect of the Paths
Added a list of common creatures (i.e. its not necessarily exclusive, there may be other creatures as well) that they are effective/ineffective against.

Cure Disease & Neutralise Poison
The ‘Resistance’ versions of both have a duration of 24hrs.


- Seasonal list.
- The druids becoming a Guild and using standard Priest costs.
- Standard characters being able to learn the path of nature and hence a primary sect (only) to level 4.
- Storm Hands added to Weather.
- Eye of the Storm progression changed on Weather.
- Lightning Dart bonus changed for Weather Druids.
- Strength on Animal being made Touch instead of Self.
- Plant Strength being consistent across Tree and Water.
- Talk to Animal being consistent across Tree and Animal.
- Fur Skin changed to non-armouring for Animal Druids.
- Dark Druid being replaced with Death

Light & Dark
- Iluminati Guild changes
- Shadow Master Guild changes
- Dark changes

Drain Mana
- Changed to range to be consistent with Laces. And progresses in 4s

- Has been made consistent across General and Chaos.

- The mend chain has been made consistent across Earth, Order and Seasonal.

- The Blink chain has been made more consistent across Air, Dark and Tree.

Mass Spells & Miracles
- All Self, Touch, Range & Mass spells and miracles have had their progression made consistent.
- Masses are now in a separate chain so do not need to be bought.
- Progression of Heal, Drain, Harm and Death Curse have been changed.
- Mass Summon Demon has been removed.

Knowledge & Subterfuge
- A new Knowledge category has been added (so Gladiators can buy Rec skills).
- Rec Tracks & Tracking skills have been added.
- Rec Undead has been removed and Humacti Guild bonus has been altered accordingly.

- Changed to 15min duration.

Detect & Discern Undead
- Detect Undead has been made consistent across Life, Death & Necromancy.
- Detect Undead wont automatically warn of undead, unless actively concentrating.
- Discern Nature of Undead has been made consistent across Life, Death & Necromancy.

Metal & Non-Metal
- Rust works on metal weapons.
- Warp works on non-metal weapons.
- Destroy works on any weapons.
- Shillealgh works on non-metal weapons.
- Blade Sharp & Bludgeon can be used on any weapons and increased by 1 level.
- Shattering Blow made like Mighty Blow against shields.
- Reform has been removed.


Temple of Justice
Added explanation of how Temple Of Justice bonus to Detect Lie/Truthful Aura works with Willpower.

Added that the weapon is protected when modifying Mystic Blade to increase Normal damage.


Explained points cost for skills of the form n*level.

Added description on how Throat Slit works with Endurance.


Removed potential for Spellswords and Dark mages to join the Wardens.

Restore the Dead
Renamed True Raise Dead, to be consistent with Resurrection.


Corrected “There is only one Commander, appointed by the King” to say Prince.

Added that a cancelled shatter still prevents the item from being repaired.

Clarified that a weakened character can use items.

Changed Poison Touch – Chaos Lace example.

Clarified that Disruptive Aura can be used to dispel mental effects on yourself. Note that this is still a personal roleplay decision whether you want to or not.


Temple of Freedom
If you leave the Temple of Freedom, you can no longer use the half-cost skill bonus on new skills.


The definition of Innate has been clarified.
Intrinsic has been replaced by Innate for all occurrences.

The definition of Natural has been clarified.
Certain monsters e.g Ghouls paralysis, Shadows weakness and Vampires Command/Suggestion/Charm has been clarified as Natural.


Weaken Will/Demoralise
Have been changed so that the targets Willpower cannot be taken below 0.

Added about how you get back lost Death Thresholds from overcasting/ability over use.


The bonus Willpower/Toughness stack with spell/miracle bonuses and that the Dexterity penalty will apply to both natural & bonus spell/miracle Dexterity.


Preparing an Item has been re-written to clarify about preparing an item to multiple schools.

Costs pages has been clarified to state that druids can purchase druidic items and that refresh cost is per charge.

Thunder Clap
Has been clarified that it does not affect the caster.

Has been clarified that a recall spot cannot be put into items. Certain ‘wondrous’ items like Breeze’s hat may exist.


Spell Books
Have altered the wording of the rules on this. Effectively a spell caster should have a spell book recording what spells they know, vocals etc. But it is not required to be kept on your person and there are no penalties if it is not. Basically it is purely a roleplay item, if you wish to have it on you and only cast if you have it, that’s fine. If you want to keep it at home or locked in a vault somewhere, that is also fine.

Have made it explicit in the Castings : Willpower section that only a casters own natural Willpower can be used to boost spells/miracles, not any Willpower gained from spells/miracles like Enhance Will.


Castings Updates
Two new sections having been added to the Castings section of the Player Rules:


Magic Item Prices
Magic Item prices have been updated in the ‘IC Money’ section.


Weapon/Armour Prices & Manufacturing

Weapon/Armour prices for buying and manufacturing have been updated in the ‘IC Money’ section.


Druid Changes

Elemental Sect has been removed. This is likely to be replaced by the Seasonal Sect. This will be an IC change, run as a series of druid games later in the year.

General has been removed. This has been merged into the Tree, Animal & Weather lists.

Tree has had some changes, Barkskin can now only be converted to power damage at the rate of 2:1 and the Tree Heal chain has been improved slightly.


This has been moved from the Chaos list to the Freedom list.

Remove Slow, Paralysis etc.
This Chaos chain has been changed, with the masses removed and a Remove Grip added.

A penalty has been added to Might followers who refuse it.

The level and effects of this have been modified/clarified.


Armour layering ‘removal’
As previously discussed, you now do not need to specify exactly how the armour is layered. e.g. You can have just Leather Proficiency & Chain Proficiency and wear them either way around or just one layer or the other. For Combination to be effective you would need Leather Expertise & Chain Expertise.

Note, to wear 2 layers of the same type of armour you would need to buy the skill twice (this includes prof). So to wear leather on leather, you would need Leather Proficiency & Leather Proficiency. For Combination to be effective you would need Leather Expertise & Leather Expertise.

Earth Merge
Requirement “Earth Merge Other cannot be used on characters with Air as their primary School.” has been removed.


Manufacturing times for armour have been changed to man-days (instead of man-weeks) per armour point per location.


The Regrow miracle ends when 15 minutes has expired, the location is fully healed or takes any damage.

Regrow cannot be cast on a fully healed location.

Some minor rule changes have been made, which I hope no-one objects to. These should make things clearer and I have spoken to those most effected.

<Strength> Grip
The higher level spells no longer sink you into the ground in varying amounts. This was confusing and no-one could remember exactly what the effects were anyway.

<Strength> Gale
The Gust of Wind chain has been re-named Gale.
This should make it easier to remember what level of strength resists it and has been requested by numerous people. The effects/levels etc. are the same.







The point costs for “Learn Miracle” have been corrected in the rules for Half-Elf/Elf/Half-Ogre Mages & Warriors.