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Games and Events
Past, current and future games for sign-up and reference.
My Information (Members Only)
Personal profile, monstering record, character profiles and website user guides.
Our Club
Information about the club and the running of the club; the Constitution and Code of Conduct, Safety and so on. Also the active members list (Members Only).
Our LARP System
The basics of how the TonyLARP Rules System works, how the games work (including where they are and how to GM), how to create a character, and Extra Help on roleplay, kitting etc.
Game World and Setting
Everything you might want to know about the Kingdom of Exiles and the world in which it exists.
Current Campaign (if visible)
IC and OOC information on the currently running low-level campaign.
Upcoming Campaign (if visible)
Either the Campaign submission guidelines or (if there’s an overlap with the current one) IC and OOC information on the next low-level campaign.
Archived Campaigns
A quick description of every low-level campaign the club has run, with links to the appropriate reference pages.
Message Boards (Members Only)
The internal BathLARP message board system.
External Resources
Useful OOC information from outside of BathLARP. Note that the club has no control over the content, so please report dead/wrong links.
Player Rules
The complete BathLARP-variant TonyLARP ruleset for players.
GM Rules (Members Only)
The complete BathLARP-variant TonyLARP ruleset for GMs (proscribed casting list and Guilds and the monster manual).