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The Humacti

Humacti follow in the tradition set by the great Priest of Life, Humact. During his life his goal was to rid the world of all Undead and those who created them. The Humacti are loosely affiliated to the Temple of Life, though they have their own leaders and command structure.

Though the Spirit Guides of Barbarian Witch Doctor’s register as Undead, the Kingdom’s position is that this does not violate the laws against Necromancy as they appear to be self willed, voluntary manifestations. The Humacti publicly accept this interpretation, though individual Humacti are free to make up their own mind, and on the occasions where a Humacti has “accidentally” destroyed a Spirit Guide, the individual has always received the full support of the Humacti.


Kingdom: High Humacti Buffy
Barony Van Heusen: Humacti Dawn


A starting character can join the guild immediately.

A non-starting character must prove their worth before joining the Humacti. The usual test is for the character to defeat an Undead of higher Rank, or by destroying many Undead with total Ranks exceeding twice the character’s Rank. Only after proving their devotion are they inducted as full members of the Humacti. The Character Ref will decide if/when they are ready.


A member of the Humacti must

  • hunt down and destroy all Undead.
  • hunt down and destroy all Necromancers and Priests of Death known to raise Undead.


Advanced Training

A member of the Humacti has access to

  • Miracles, Religious Ceremony and Consecrate Item in the Path of Order/Justice/Life/Freedom/Might/Balance above level 4.
  • Miracle adepts in Path of Order/Justice/Life/Freedom/Might/Balance

A member of the Humacti gains the following bonuses.

  • [LOSE] He can use the title Humacti.
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He can learn the Detect Undead miracles at half cost.
  • [LOSE] They gain the benefits of Creature Lore when the Humacti casts Detect Undead of a level equal to that of the Recognise Undead granted by the casting. This does not stack with other Creature Lore, but other Creature Lore may be active at the same time.

Example: Cecil casts Detect Undead 2. This grants him the ability to call “Recognise Undead Mastery”. Additionally he decides to gain a Creature Lore bonus against Skeletons, gaining +3 Damage and +2 Dexterity against Skeletons.
Cecil had received a briefing from a party Pathfinder with Rec Creature Specialisation against Skeletons. This has no additional effect. Later he asks the Pathfinder for advice on fighting Zombies. Cecil now has +3 Damage and +2 Dexterity against Skeletons and +1 Damage and +1 Dexterity against Zombies.

Casting Type of Undead Damage Bonus Dexterity Bonus
Detect Undead 1 Zombies, Skeletons +1 +1
Detect Undead 2 Ghouls, Ghosts, Shadows, Death Knights, Guardian Spirits, Liches, Vampires +3 +2
Detect Undead 3 Any +5 +3
  • [KEEP BOUGHT] He can learn Turn Undead miracles at half cost.
  • [LOSE] He gains a bonus of Guild Rank/10 to the amount of Willpower added to Turn/Destroy Undead miracles

Example: Redferne, a a Guild Rank 22 Humacti has 2 natural Willpower, his Humacti bonus gives him an extra 2 Willpower added to Turn Undead. This gives him a combined 4 Willpower added to Turn Undead, but this is still halved as usual to 2. Hence he could cast:
Turn Undead 1 as Turn Undead 2.
Turn Undead 2 as Turn Undead 4.
Turn Undead 3 as Turn Undead 5 etc.

Redferne could also use this bonus on Destroy Undead:
Turn Undead 3 as Destroy Undead 1, which becomes Destroy Undead 2
Turn Undead 4 as Destroy Undead 2, which becomes Destroy Undead 4
Turn Undead 5 as Destroy Undead 3, which becomes Destroy Undead 5 etc.

  • [KEEP RESTRICTED] He gains Normal and Power armour equal to his Guild Rank/10 effective only against Undead attacks (melee, ranged and magical). Spells and Miracles which give protection have their effects added to this value. This does not impose a Dexterity penalty
    Hunt down and destroy all Undead.
    Hunt down and destroy all Necromancers and Priests of Death known to raise Undead.
  • [LOSE] He is immune to Death and Necromantic Fear.
  • [LOSE] He gains a bonus to Willpower equal to his Rank divided 10 when resisting effects from Undead or Necromancers (this does not include Life Ward).
  • [LOSE] He gains a bonus to Toughness equal to his Rank divided 10 when resisting Paralysis effects from Undead or Necromancers.