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Privacy Statement

BathLARP holds and processes personal data relating to its members and users of this website, for the purposes of running the club and providing website functionality to its members.

What personal data do we collect?

Data collected in the legitimate interests of BathLARP:

Data collected by consent:

How is the data stored?

Who can view the data?

How will the data be used?

With whom is the data shared?

BathLARP will not share any of the above data with third parties, except:

Can I view the data held on me?

Yes. All registered users of the website have full access to the information held on them. Should you wish to view the data held on you in the Accounts Book, Treatment Book, Incident Book, Website logs, or on the Website if you are not a registered user, please contact the BathLARP committee.

Can I change or remove my personal data?

Yes. Registered users of the website are able to amend or delete the data on their profile (which is everything mentioned above as being held on the website, except for attendances at games or events, and the Website logs). If you believe that any other information we hold on you is incorrect, please contact the BathLARP committee.

Can I withdraw my consent?

For those pieces of personal data that we hold by consent, you can withdraw consent at any time (either by visiting your Profile page or by contacting the BathLARP committee) and we will remove the relevant data within one calendar month.

Can I delete my account?

If you have not attended any BathLARP games or events, and if you have not created characters or messages on the Website, then your account can be deleted. Otherwise, on request, we can hide your account behind a pseudonym and remove data we hold by consent. In either case, please contact the BathLARP committee.

Can my account be recovered if I wish to rejoin BathLARP after asking for my data to be deleted?

Yes. When we remove personal data from your account, we will store a token against your account that can be calculated from your e-mail address, but from which your e-mail address cannot be derived. This will allow you to resurrect a dormant account, provided that you are still using the same e-mail address. However, any personal data that has been removed cannot be recovered, and must be re-entered if you give us consent to store it.