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Extra Help

BathLARP members have created many useful guides and resources over the years. They are not necessary reading but you may find them interesting or useful. We’ve split them into guides that focus purely on the mechanics, guides that focus on roleplay and IC/OOC skill gaps and guides that focus on kit.

If you would like to add something to this list, please email the committee. All information here is the opinion of the authors and does not necessarily represent the views of BathLARP.

Game Mechanics

The Quick Guide to Rituals
A guide to performing rituals and ceremonies by Ryan.
The Quick Guide To Items
A guide to using and identifying items by Peter.
Defence and Resistance Summaries
A single guide for how defensive abilities, miracles and spells work and interact.
Extension Durations
Handy tables for calculating the duration of extended or downcast spells and miracles.

Roleplay and Skill

Scouting 101
A collaborative effort by Judith O and others on the OOC mechanics of playing a Scout.
IC and OOC games
Training games that can be played either IC or OOC to help improve OOC skills.
Character Inspiration
Collated questions to help you think about how your character thinks.
The Unspoken Contract
Or ‘I promise to write a playable game if you promise to try and play it’ – a short essay on trust in LARP by Judith O.
RP Etiquette – Avoiding the Pitfalls
A run-down of the usual roleplaying pitfalls that people can fall into around character generation and uptime/downtime rp put together by Judith O.

Kit and Equipment

Kit Acquisition
A quick guide to LARP kit and where to get it.
Bow-buying Guide
A quick guide put together by the unofficial bow comp team to help people who are thinking of turning archer. Note: this does not cover safety rules past those needed when buying kit.
LARP Make-up Tips and Tricks
A guide to pretty much everything to consider when using makeup for LARP