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The Barony Van Heusen

The majority of games run within the boundaries of the Barony Van Heusen, a relatively ‘young’ Barony on the Eastern border of the Kingdom of Exiles.

The following places exist within the boundaries of the Barony as a result of games and campaigns. Please get permission from the relevant GMs before using them. If you would like to add a location to this list, please email the committee – be aware that locations need to have appeared in a minimum of three games before they can be added.


The capital of Barony Van Heusen, a bustling city home to many guild houses and businesses. It is common for patrollees to meet, exchange news and post notices in various establishments around the city.

Carlin Howham and the Chalk (Judith O, Doug M-S and Warren J)

Carlin Howham is a market town near an area known as the Chalk. It lies along the south-east edge of the Barony, close to the border with Arboria and is just over a week’s travel from Heusenberg. In 111AE an archaeological dig site near the village of Maiden Ery discovered ancient ‘Shift sites’ for travelling between planes, and is now the location of an embassy for the Eylish, a race of people with experience at Shifting. In 114 and 115AE, the whole region was placed under quarantine while a terrible Blight was defeated.

Ceileighvale (Caroline E)

Half a day east of Heusenberg, Ceileighvale is a trade town full of beautiful scenery and fairytales. The fanciful stories have at least some measure of truth to them, as lesser fae are common and more powerful fair folk have been glimpsed roaming the vale.

Finchley (Tony C and Greg R)

A northern town which was devastated by the Bloom for two years, and which is only just beginning to recover.

The Griffinwold (Ruth S, Dave S and James W)

South-east of Heusenberg, the Griffinwold is home to several major Defender outposts, including Griffin Keep and Wing Keep. It was the base for the Instant Response Service and contains the Nexus, a portal to the Kingdom of Bader .

Ludshire (Ruth S)

Ludshire, colloquially known as the Shire, was the site of a planar crossover in 107AE when one of the Dark Courts of the fae decided it was time to return to mortal lands. They were banished by a group of rookie patrollees, one of the Light Courts, and friendlier members of the Dark Court, but there have been rumblings of trouble in recent years; Bres in particular forming an alliance with another god to try and take over Ludshire and beyond once more.

Prince’s Vale (Doug M-S)

The Prince’s Vale is a quiet, pleasant area west of Heusenberg, with excellent views from the Ardent mountains and a fertile valley floor prime for farming. Prince’s Town is the chief town and main trading hub, with the much older Forks Cross the second town further down the valley.

Upper Bogglehampton

Do not talk about Upper Bogglehampton! Ruled by Headman Bob until he came down with a bad case of necromancy, this village has been known to cause multiple nervous breakdowns and deaths.

The Vale of Tyr (Steve E and Greg P)

This once-peaceful valley was opened up to the wider world when an earthquake created a pass between the Vale and the town of Kradle. After troubles involving lost spirits, demonically-possessed wolves and vampires, the Vale was sealed off and abandoned to a civil war between dire wolves and the native goblinoid tribes.

Fort Winston (Adrian C., Peter W., Alex T.)

Fort Winston is in the far North-East of the Barony on the edge of the current border, built to aid in the effort of supporting and protecting the eight villages added to the Barony in AE105. As the patrol stationed there found out (and stamped vigorously upon), there had once been an Anarchy cult worshipping a demon in the area, and the temples are still there…

The Saltmere Sea (Dave S.)

A large salt lake, big enough to be considered an inland sea, situated near to the Grey Earldom border and the infamous Black Forest. It contains one-ish island, Rhonech.