Path of Might

Anything that looks like this is a restricted casting that needs requesting from the Character Ref. In addition, your character must be of the minimum rank indicated before they can learn the casting.

Low Level
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Mighty Blow 1 Mighty Blow 2
High Level Rank to learn
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
15 20 30 40 55 70
Mighty Blow 3 Mighty Blow 4 Mighty Blow 5
Mighty Blow <n>

Range: Self
Duration: 15 minutes or <n> attacks
Type: Non-stackable
Target: Person
After casting Mighty Blow <n>, the caster can perform <n> attacks doing +4 Normal damage for the duration of the miracle. The caster must add the call “Mighty” to the damage call before the attack is made, and if he misses that usage is wasted. At higher levels, Mighty Blows can be combined into a single blow. Thus Mighty Blow 2 can either be used to perform two attacks each with +4 Normal damage or a single attack with +8 damage.

Note, only one Mighty Blow miracle of any level can be cast on a character at any one time and the miracle is still in effect even after it has been used. To cast another Mighty Blow before a previous one expires thus requires the original one to be dispelled or cancelled.

Mighty Blow stacks with Backstab & Weapon Adepts. It does not stack with Subdue, Throat Slit or Shattering Blow.

Mighty Blow can be used with throwing weapons.

Mighty Blow cannot be used with missile weapons.


Range: Caster plus one other character
Duration: Special
Target: Person
This miracle is cast while challenging another character to single combat and if the other character accepts, both characters become locked into a duel to the death by the Path of Might.

If a follower of Might refuses a Challenge all miracles are treated as one level higher for the purposes of casting for 1 hour. Refusing a subsequent Challenge does not further increase the level, but does reset the duration.

This miracle lasts until one or both of the characters are dead. For the duration of the duel:

  • Both characters must do their utmost to kill his opponent. If a character fails to do so, he dies.
  • The characters cannot effect or be effected by external forces, either harmful or beneficial.

If a character dies during a challenge, no spell, miracle or ability (such as Bind the Soul, Regeneration, etc.) will save him.

The miracle can only be dispelled by a character whose Willpower is greater than the combined Willpowers of the combatants and if successful, both he and the characters in the Challenge die.