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Outside the Kingdom

The lands outside the Kingdom recognise no one leader or ruling group. It is filled with tribes of men and humanoids, monsters and Undead. Most of these have no particular design on the Kingdom, but still pose a threat when they cross the border looking for food. Exile from the Kingdom is a common punishment for breaking the laws of the land and the exiles who survive usually bear no friendship for Kingdom subjects.

The wilderness contains those who are actively plotting, singly or in groups, to attack and bring down the Kingdom. Some are exiles and outlaws, others are still subjects who use the wilderness to hide their plots and others still are from tribes or groups who were never part of the Kingdom.

Necromancers and Demonologists hide out in the wilderness, having either escaped just ahead of arrest or making their way there before they were discovered. It is also speculated that several of the proscribed guilds have bases beyond the Kingdoms borders.