Covid 19 Specific Rules and Code of Conduct

In order to support the operation of in person BathLARP events in a way to reduce the transmission risk of the Coronavirus, the committee has performed a Covid Risk Assessment which can be found here. As a result of this, the following rules changes and code of conduct are in effect.

Note: As always, members attend BathLARP events at their own risk. The following changes represent the club taking all the precautions that it can to minimise the risks of attending events in-person during the current situation.

Covid Specific Rules Changes

Due to the requirement to control the transmission risk of the Coronavirus, the following rules changes and modifications are currently in effect. These are temporary changes which are not subject to the standard rules change process and will be reverted when restrictions are no longer necessary. They are subject to change without notice.

Weapons and Armour

Touch attacks

All touch attacks using bare hands are prohibited. Use daggers or props which use a foam striking surface instead of fingers as a phys-rep instead. In cases where the player or monster has both the ability to call normal damage or power damage (Immolate and dagger skill for example), one or the other should be called, not both.

Projectile weapons

All use of projectiles is prohibited. This includes bows, crossbows and any throwing weapon.

Head armour and facemasks

A facemask may be worn in place of head armour without penalty. Head armour will be counted as it would whilst wearing normal physreps.


Beneficial Touch Castings

These now have a range of 5’ and can only be cast on a willing target.

Offensive Touch Castings

These now have a range of 10’ and have their effects halved. The target location is the body. Apply Willpower and other bonuses before halving.

Example: Biscuit knows Drain Wounds 26. They cast this as, and call it as, “Drain Wounds 13, chest”.

Example: Archibald knows Coma 3, which he casts as Coma 6 due to his Willpower. He casts this as Coma 3.

Touch to Range Masteries allow for the full power version to be cast at 20’ as normal.

Ongoing touch castings (Mana/Standing Gift, Regrow and Mana Pool)

Both the caster and recipient must remain within range of each other for the casting to continue. Additionally the caster must have at least 1 hand free throughout the entire casting duration.


Discern Wounds, Disease, Poison, Paralysis and Spiritual Influence

These should be performed from behind the target at a 5’ minimum distance.


Disarm no longer forces the target to drop their weapon. Instead they may not use that weapon for 30 seconds if they fail to resist.

Throat Slit

The use of Throat-Slit is prohibited.

Covid Code of Conduct

The following guidance forms part of the required controls in order to operate BathLARP events in a safe way as guided by the Covid-19 risk assessment formed by the committee. Members are expected to follow this guidance at all times. Failure to do so without reasonable excuse will result in offenders being suspended from attending games.

General Guidance

Travel to and from events should be done in a socially distanced manner where possible. It is preferable that members travel to events via private car or active transport where possible instead of using public transport or car sharing outside of existing social bubbles.

Members MUST NOT attend events when in isolation, or if they have symptoms of the coronavirus.

Members must provide sufficient personal information to BathLARP, to be stored in the website, to support contact tracing in the event it becomes necessary.

Social distancing is to be adhered to on games at all times where possible. This includes rituals and roleplay encounters but not combat. This also includes pre-game activities including kitting up, use of the bus shelter and the monster brief.

Members must bring personal hand sanitiser to events and use this regularly, including after the use of gates and stiles.

Members should not have other members buy items for them from the shop (Coffee, water etc.).

Members should not share or offer food or drink to others.

GM Guidance

As far as is possible, props should not be used on games. If props are used, these should only be carried by the GM and not be given to players or monsters to carry.

Physical plot documents and stats should not be shared with monsters. If information is to be conveyed ahead of time to monsters or players, consider doing this digitally before the event where possible.

BathLARP will not be providing any club kit for games outside of the First Aid Kit. The First Aid Kit will include hand sanitising gel in the event that a member forgets to bring their own.

Site routes should avoid repeated use of stiles and gates if possible.

Player Guidance

Players should ensure their character kit is capable of carrying and accessing all items needed to be safe and comfortable on a game on their person. Do not have others carry water bottles, food or use scabards which need external help to fit. Put on and remove kit away from others with as little assistance as possible. Where this is impossible have the assistant sanitise their hands before and after doing so. Choose assistants from within your support bubble where possible.

Do not use rope for any activity outside the marking of traps.

Potion, scroll or item phys-reps should not be given to other players.

Do not share or pass around battleboards or pens.

Do not share weapons with other players.

Pre-pay for games where possible, in bulk or via bank transfer, to minimise the use of cash.

Monster Guidance

Monsters should bring their own weapons to games where possible. If a monster does not own a weapon, the club may at it’s discretion arrange for a long term loan from the monster kit of a suitable weapon, which the member is liable for the return of.

First Aider Guidance

Only 1 First Aider will be assigned to a game to prevent sharing of the first aid kit, which the First Aider is responsible for carrying. The first aid kit will have gloves, facemasks and hand sanitiser gel provided in addition to it’s normal contents.

First aiders should be familiar with the use of gloves, goggles and facemasks, and fitting these to a patient as well as themselves where prolonged face to face contact is necessary.