Future Rules Changes

These are the things the Character Ref team are currently thinking about changing/adding to the rules. None are yet set in stone and more details will come out closer to the time.

Rules Changes 2022

New characters for new players may start at up to Rank 10 without spending monster points.

Improve Guild Orphan stereotypical skills to include a physical/mental skill

Add Humacti interactions with Creature Lore for Undead

Change Demoralise roleplay requirements to be less crippling

Rework Amazons to remove sexism, keep tribal outsider theme.

Improve Seasonal Druids, add Seasonal Form

Add additional Rec Creature information to Mastery

Add levels of background skill.

Improve Challenge to give a reason to buy it/use it.

Change Defender NCO bonus points to [KEEP]

Rework Favoured/Chosen weapon to support ambidex options, acquiring better weapons, sword & board and bastard sword options.

Revise/Define phys-rep standards for armour.

Add a temporary death threshold cost to sacrifice.

Remove Tracking


Range: Caster plus one other character
Duration: Special
Target: Person
This miracle is cast while challenging another character to single combat and if the other character accepts, both characters become locked into a duel to the death by the Path of Might. If the other character refuses the challenge no standing is lost.

If a follower of Might refuses a Challenge all miracles are treated as one level higher for the purposes of casting for 1 hour. Refusing a subsequent Challenge does not further increase the level, but does reset the duration.

This miracle lasts until one or both of the characters are dead. For the duration of the duel:

  • Both characters must do their utmost to kill his opponent. If a character fails to do so, they die.
  • The characters cannot effect or be effected by external forces, either harmful or beneficial.

If a character dies during a challenge, no spell, miracle or ability (such as Bind the Soul, Regeneration, etc.) will save them.

The miracle can only be dispelled by a character whose Willpower is greater than the combined Willpowers of the combatants and if successful, both they and the characters in the Challenge die.

After a Challenge, the victor gains the following benefits.

  • Their wounds are fully healed.
  • All Order, Death and Might miracles cost 1 standing less for the next hour (Minimum 1)
  • If their opponent was deemed worthy (GM decision, but roughly based on an opponent of similar rank) they gain some of their strength. (+1 to Willpower, Toughness, Dexterity or Strength for the rest of the game)

Rules Changes 2020

Major Changes

Scout Expansion

See seperate page

Minor Changes

Monster Manual: Finish adding new creatures & refining the Rec Creature matrix.