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Future Rules Changes

These are the things the Character Ref team are currently thinking about changing/adding to the rules. None are yet set in stone and more details will come out closer to the time.

Future Rules Changes

Healers and Healing


Add to game


Improve usability, add Non-Stackable

Discern Spiritual Strength

Remove as miracle, add as medical skill

Discern skills

Change to be usable simultaneously.

Tree Heal

Add Non-Stackable

Odds and Sods


Reworked Dark Entangle to Shadow Web
Added Ignite to list of things extinguished by Dark Extinguish


Revise Summon Undead Servant in line with Animate Dead and the Monster Manual

Remove Enhance Undead

Tree and Water

Added Trigger Trap, Hold Trap and Aura of Trap Immunity


Changed Transcend Armour range from Self to Touch


Changed Bolster Undead range from 20’ to Touch

Background Skills

Add more examples to how to apply background skills

Codify manufacturing skills and times for mundane items

Codify costs and times around Masterwork Equipment.

Armour abilities

Add in some form.


Add costs for purchasing ritual scripts


Codify Roleplay requirements and penalties


Change NCO bonus points to keep if unspent immediately.


Remove Preparation.

Add examples for resolving Bound and Attaching items.

Monster Manual

Rework Monster Manual

Minor Changes

Revise/Define phys-rep standards for armour.