Future Rules Changes

These are the things the Character Ref team are currently thinking about changing/adding to the rules. None are yet set in stone and more details will come out closer to the time.

Rules Changes 2020

Major Changes

Scout Expansion

See seperate page

Minor Changes

Add Tremor Spell to Earth

Tremor <n>

Range: Self
Duration: 1 Minute
Type: Offensive, Elemental
Target: Area (10’ Cone)
Resisted by: Dexterity
Tremor lasts one minute or until the caster decides to stop it. The caster must stand upright and hold his arms in an arc. All characters within the arc who do not have sufficient Dexterity must drop to one knee and cannot move whilst in the area. If attacked, he can still defend himself but cannot attack back.

The Tremor is only in effect within the arc of the casters arms. The size of the arc can be chosen by the caster (up to 180 degrees) but cannot be varied once cast. The Tremor ends when the duration expires or the caster closes his arms (in which case it cannot be restarted without re-casting the spell).

The caster can move at a slow walk and turn with a Tremor in effect.

Note that non-corporeal beings and those under the effect of a Float spell are unaffected by Tremor.

Rework Sacrifice

Rework Barbarian Rage

Change Concentration definition to include having any non functional present limbs

Remove Rec Creature as a pre-requisite for Rec Smell and Rec Tracks

Remove Phys rep requirements from Storm Hands

Prevent Weaken Will and Demoralise from stacking

Background Skills:

Add Climbing, Masonry, Transport skills

Add example text of meaning of background skills

Remove seperate costs for bows of different strengths

Monster Manual: Finish adding new creatures & refining the Rec Creature matrix.