Future Rules Changes

These are the things the Character Ref team are currently thinking about changing/adding to the rules. None are yet set in stone and more details will come out closer to the time.

Rules Changes 2020

Major Changes

Scout Expansion

More Coming soon

Minor Changes

Monster Manual: Finish adding new creatures & refining the Rec Creature matrix.

Rules Changes 2019

Major Changes

Ritual Revamp

Removing the skills Join Cabal and Inscribe Circle and integrating the effects into Work with Cabal and Ritual skills respectively.

Removing or greatly reducing the time requirement for writing and modifying scripts.

Reworking Work with Cabal to be more usable in practice.

See the Draft Pages

More Coming soon

Druid Rework

Looking to change how learning sects work to be more in line with magic

Removing some of the more onerous penalties for not being a member of the Druids (Secondary sect access)

Removing Discern Sect, replacing with Power Sight

Adding <Sect> Gift to all lists.

Remove Talk with Animal from Tree, Remove Talk with Tree from Animal

Reduce Tree Merge (S)/(T) to level 1/3 respectively, rename Tree Withdraw

Allowing players to choose Death as a primary/secondary sect. (Death druids are viewed as Death priests in the Kingdom and are not permitted entry into the Druid guild)

Add Control Plant as a Dark Druid miracle

See the Draft Pages

Item Simplification

Greatly reducing/removing the time requirements to make all items.

Items take (Level +1) days to make per effect.

Adding shelf life/limits to the number of ubiquitous scrolls a character can own.

A character can make up to their Consecrate/Enchant skill in casting levels of ubiquitous scrolls at any one time.

Making item qualities consistent with other areas of the rules.

See the Draft Pages

More Coming soon

Minor Changes

Special strike & Spell masteries

All: Changing from one use per day per purchase to one use per hour

Disarm: Change to level 1

Knockback: Change to level 1

Touch to Range: Change to level 1

Self to Touch: Change to level 2

Introduce Miracle Masteries

Introduce Shattering Blow as a Special Strike


Gladiators: Give option to boost Dexterity with Gladiator Points

Paladins: Change Aura of Courage to be equal to the Paladin’s natural Willpower

Camouflage: Change to match Displacement

Soul Rip/Soul Steal: Change to Duration: Instant

Bladesinger Dex and Toughness: Change name to Mystic Dex and Mystic Toughness to distinguish from Order/Chaos versions

Free Armour Proficiencies: Change to [KEEP]

Subdue: Change duration of damage to 15 minutes, remove reduction in strength damage

Strength: Change to adding 1 damage per level for 1H weapons, keeping at 2 for 2H, Reduce cost/level slightly

Weapon Skill: Change to adding 2 damage per level

Claw Hands: Change to 3,6,9

Half Ogres: Remove free strength

Defenders: Change officer armour from piece to suit.

Extend: Remove Chaos miracle ban

Chaos Blade: Allow to be mended whilst Chaos Blade is active

Discern Nature of Undead: Rename to Detect Undead 3

Life Shield: Remove Defensive Tag, make apply only to direct Life damage, make stack with power armour.

Longbows: Increase base damage to 7

Changes voted on at the AGM

Non-Combat Skills

See the Draft Pages

Roleplay Requirements

Coming Soon

Improving healing spells and miracles

Revive and Restore: Remove pre-requisites, change to restore lost life/wounds caused by Shrivel/Ennervate (In line with if they had expired naturally)

Diseases and Poisons: Rework to simplify, improve cures.