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Player-Created Nations

Over the years a number of player-created nations have been built within the system. These can be built on existing real-world cultures, existing fiction or be made completely from scratch; in the first case we ask that the Code of Conduct is followed and that cultural appropriation and negative stereotypes are avoided. Please talk to the Committee if you are uncertain.

If you wish to base a character out of any of the following nations, please contact the creators to discuss your ideas. Where the creator is no longer a frequently available member of BathLARP alternative contacts are listed.

If you would like to add a nation, please contact the Committee; as a general rule only nations that belong to characters that have survived past rank 20 or have appeared in the plot of at least three games will be included.


Created by: James W., Ruth S.
Contact: James W., Ruth S.


The Kingdom of Bader is a human based monarchy found through the portal in Nexus (another Plane similar to the Kingdom’s). The Kingdom has many similarities to the Kingdom of Exiles but is ruled under a feudal system with each Lord answering to their liege.

The Kingdom follows a pantheon of gods who stand for different ideals or domains rather than following the paths of Kingdom religion. For example Brilliance stands for glory, fame and instinct.

The Kingdom of Bader is ruled by King Hansel Griffinbane II.

So far the Kingdom of Exiles has dealt with members of the Duchy ruled by Duke Aldred Du Bastion.

OOC Notes

More information can be found on the Bader wiki.


Created by: Gary E.
Contact: Gary E., Dave S., Judith O.


Cathay is an Empire somewhere far to the east of the Kingdom; however, this hasn’t prevented several of its citizens from migrating west over the years. The majority have come from the Xiadong province. There is currently no Emperor – and three claimants. Cao Gai, son of Cao Pei, the last emperor, and his cousins, Xin Jen & Qin Yumi.

The Sun family are the provincial governors of the Xiadong province, which is south of the Wushan (imperial) province. Xiadong is wet and foresty and has the Lo river and delta running north to south. The capital is Fu Shi, in the south east of the province.

Cao Gai is supported by the Sun family and the Xiadong province.

OOC Notes

Cathay is loosely based around Imperial China, in particular the time of the Three Kingdoms. It tends, despite its wide pantheon, to operate in an Ordered fashion, with everyone knowing their exact place within the established caste system.

It is also a very, very long way away from the Kingdom across some very unpleasant and dangerous territory (including mountain ranges and deserts), and Cathayan characters are effectively exiles as a result. Current estimates are one to two years to cross from Cathay to the Kingdom.

Characters based on other East-Asian backgrounds are generally encouraged to form their own nation-states to use; for example, Cathayan characters have already mentioned the existence of Nippon, the equivalent Japanese-based nation.


The Cathayans have a substantial pantheon.

Astral kingdom

  • Tai Shan – king of heaven
  • Hsi Wang Mu – queen of heaven
  • Shou lao – god of life
  • Huang Ti – god of mountains & order
  • Chang Tao Ling – god of the afterlife
  • Feng Po – Lord of winds, musou & skies
  • Mi Song – god of immortality

Kingdom beyond the Gate

  • Men Shen – King of Passage / god of earth and balance
  • Chiang Kuei – god of afterlife (lower) / general of the kuei

Kingdom of the World

  • Kuan yin – guardian queen, hearer of cries
  • Na Cha – guardian king, Lord Cry
  • Liu Pei, Chen Pei, Kuan Ti – Gods of War
  • Chu Jung – god of fire
  • Tin Hou – Lady of Mystery/ mistress of water
  • T’ai Yi – Father of the gods (deceased)
  • Shang Ti – God of creation (deceased?)

Kingdom of Weather

  • Lei Kung – lord of thunder & commander of weather
  • Yu Shih – master of rain & lieutenant of weather
  • Chi Sung Tzu – god of rain
  • Tien Mu – Goddess of lightning

Minor Gods & Goddesses

  • Shan Chou Niang Niang – a Mother goddess
  • Yen Kuang Niang Niang – a Mother goddess
  • Tai-Sui Jing – god of time/day
  • Ho Po – God of Rivers
  • Ba – Goddess of drought


Created by: Dave G.
Contact: Dave G., Character Ref Team


Draxia is a land of Drokken (fire breathing lizards), Kaarth (hive-minded lizard people), Draconians (tricky lizard people), Babumba (not lizards, just good at blowing things up) and evil cults (possibly involving lizards). A long campaign over a number of years has led to a form of peace that mostly involves avoiding each other quietly – easily done given that without the use of transporting magic there’s quite a long sail involved.

OOC Notes

Draxia hasn’t really appeared in a game (apart from an unexpected herd of Drokken) since 2003, and while there are characters out there who will remember it they are few and far between. The distances involved make it an unlikely choice for background for player characters, but stranger things have happened…

The Nykrull Empire

Created by: Shaun G.
Contact: Shaun G., Matt H., Character Ref Team


A Might-aligned Empire across the sea, home to a variety of giant insects and Drow. Most people are extremely glad it’s a long way away, especially those who were shipped over there on an exploratory mission.

There is a possibility that the founders of the Kingdom originally fled from the Nykrull Empire.

OOC Notes

While the latter half of the Avant-Garde campaign took place in the Nykrull Empire, only one character is from there at present – the Last Sea is wide, and the journey long enough to make the crossing unlikely.

Nykrull ‘traditionalists’ tend to be Might priests and Might-aligned warriors, but the Resistance includes Freedom followers.

The Tribu de Dana

Created by: Ruth S.
Contact: Ruth S.


The Tribu de Dana are the remnants of what was once a thriving nation to the far north-east of the Kingdom of Exiles (on a northerly enough latitude to have almost no daylight at midwinter and no darkness at midsummer). The land was forever changed when their leader, a powerful mage, used a devastating ritual to destroy his rival, killing both of them in the process.

The people, flora and fauna were permanently affected by the waves of uncontrolled magic and almost every child of the tribe is born with magical potential. At the same time, the legacy of the mage wars which pre-dated the final strike imbued in them a caution, a feeling that magic is too dangerous to use casually.

They are primarily elves: although there were humans in the original population, they have long since interbred to such a degree that there are very few who have any recognisable human heritage. They do not have resurrection and death customs are a big deal.

They speak primarily ‘elfique’ – ancient elven (French), a little ‘hoch elfen’ – high elven (German) and their own local tongue ‘brezhoneg’ (Breton).

They consist of seven clans named after their 7 deities: Dana (the earth) – [the high tribe for their priests], Kalenel (stars), Macha (hunting), Manannan (sea), Taranis (thunder), Ariane (moon), Lugos (lightning).

Being mainly elven, they have very few priests, most of whom are druids. They call all their priests “druides” and the average person wouldn’t recognise the difference between a nature casting and a standard miracle. Since magic is so intrinsic to them, there isn’t quite the divide between elemental mages and druids but the druids do tend to live separately from the rest of their tribes and may see the mages more as a taint then a gift.

They tend to celebrate the cross-quarter festivals (1 Feb, 1 May, 1 Aug, 1 Nov) although the solstices and equinoxes are noted.

OOC Notes

The Tribu de Dana are loosely based around a mixture of the Tayledras from Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series, Celtic mythos and the existing BathLARP setting. Names in particular are lifted directly from the Tayledras – Winterlight (Soleil-en-hiver), Firedance (Danse-de-feu), Moonsong (Chanson-de-lune)

The Mermaid Dynasties

Created by: Phillip.H, Emma.M
Contact: Phillip.H, Emma.M


The Mermaids decided to make themselves known in the middle of the year 116AE, as a patrol had discovered their evil counterparts, the Deep Ones, in a flooded stronghold. Since then a trade route has been established between Mermaids and the Kingdom using stone obelisks to create a sort of underwater ‘gulf stream’ system, strengthening relations between them. In charge of overseeing relations and military actions with the Mermaids is Lieutenant Hazel Tiller, who replaced Captain Edward Mitty shortly after his death at sea. During this time a small campaign was launched against the Deep Ones which dispatched their Queen and recovered cursed Necromantic treasure.

Mermaids seem to have a peaceful nature to them and live in tribes with a single leader. They reside in the shallow depths of the ocean in carved out coral reefs or the ruins of ancient sunken cities. They lack the conventional methods to forge weapons or even keep knowledge in paper form as the water prevents this. So instead they tend to scavenge what they can from shipwrecks and dead fish, making weapons and tools this way. Mermaids have a firm grasp of Magic, particularly Water Magic. But do not present any understanding of Miracles. Their lifespan is much greater than that of a normal Human.

OOC Notes

Campaign, A Miner Opportunity 1 – 5