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The Dark Blades

This guild exists to kill people for money. No target is too big, though sometimes the price might be.


Shadow Wolf (identity unknown).


Characters must prove their worth before joining the Dark Blades. They are given the task of assassinating a character of higher Rank and only if they succeed are they inducted as full members of the Guild. Failing to carry out the task within a reasonable time scale usually results in death.


Once a character joins the Dark Blades, he cannot leave. All infringements are punishable by death.


A member of the Dark Blades must

  • not be a follower of Order, Justice, Life or Freedom.
  • never betray another member of the Dark Blades.
  • always complete an assassination or die trying.


Advanced Training

A member of the Dark Blades has access to:

  • Melee Weapon skills above Mastery, including Advanced Weapon skills.
  • Armour skills to Advanced Mastery.
  • Lethal Strike.
  • Backstab and Sniping to any level.
  • Rec Creature, Smell and Tracks to any level.
  • Creature Lore to any level.

A member of the Dark Blades gains the following bonuses.

  • Learn all one handed weapon skills at half CP cost.
  • Learn Lethal Strike and Backstab skills at half CP cost.