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The Hassani 'Empire'

The Hassani Empire was a Human empire that is believed to have dominated the entire continent in its day. The Empire is known to have been strongly pro-Human.

How exactly they came to fall is not known. What is known is that when the Empire fell, it left behind its military and infrastructure. Whilst towns could not always support themselves, the villages survived and for the most part welcome Kingdom rule as a return to safer days.

Meanwhile, the Legions became the private armies of their leaders, each a warlord leading his men to attain the lifestyle of their choice, something which varied greatly from legion to legion as they were specialised units. A Hassani Company is well organised and its members are highly trained. Most companies will kill each other on sight, but occasionally alliances are made. None of them can remember why the civil war broke out and they still fight because that’s all they know.

In the early years, Hassani tribes regularly attacked the fledgling Kingdom, but as the Defenders became more organised, such attacks have become less frequent. Wanderers outside the Kingdom should still be wary, however.

Player characters from the Hassani do exist but are rare; they are normally former Hassani trying to get to grips with being a member of the Kingdom (i.e. coping with non-humans and no longer being part of a military society).

For more information on the Hassani, see the Hassani GM Rules.