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Because of the fractal nature of Kingdom geography, we usually describe distances in terms of time to travel, rather than length. A town will be described as ‘one hour away’ rather than ‘three miles away’.

The main mode of travelling in the Kingdom is on foot. ‘A day’s walk’ can be anything between 10 and 25 miles depending on who’s talking.

Horses are rare (as we can’t phys-rep them) and only owned by the very rich. Carts are typically pulled by oxen, stout ponies not suitable for riding, or similar beasts of burden. ‘A day’s travel’ in an oxen cart may be 8-15 miles depending on conditions.

The FRAN (Fast Response Air Network) is a magical means of transporting small groups of people between pre-prepared points on a network that covers some of the Barony. DAWN (Druidic All-Weather Network) is its miraculous counterpart. FRAN/DAWN travel is generally under control of the Defenders, and since the events that befell the Instant Response Service use has been heavily restricted.