Scouting Lore (New)

Scouts use their knowledge of the terrain, their enemy and the world they live in in order to defeat their foes and achieve their objectives. These abilities fall into three categories, as below:

Creature Lore

A character with creature lore knows the ins and outs of fighting particular monsters, and can share this with their allies, given time.

Creature Lore increases the damage and dodge bonus of characters who receive it. This includes the character giving the advice. A character gains a Creature Lore bonus by listening to advice given by a character with the Creature Lore skill. This advice takes a minimum of a minute to use and must be relevant to the creature being fought. The decision if the advice is effective is made by the GM and general consensus. The character giving the advice always receives the bonus themselves.

A character gains Creature Lore equal to the Rec Creature level of the character giving the advice as follows:

Level Bonus
Proficiency No Bonus
Specialisation +1
Expertise +2
Mastery +3
Advanced Mastery +4
Legendary Mastery +5

Creature Lore bonuses last for 15 minutes. A character can only be the recipient of 1 Creature Lore bonus at a time. There is no limit to the number of Creature Lore bonuses a character may attempt to provide during a day. A character may only provide one Creature Lore bonus at a time.

A character can give Creature Lore bonuses to groups of creatures depending on their Creature Lore level. More skilled characters can give more broadly applicable advice. These lists are not exclusive. If an exotic creature appears on a game, the GM should be consulted for if a character’s Creature Lore level is sufficient, using the Rec Creature level as a guideline.

Creature Lore Proficiency

Creature Lore Specialisation

Creature Lore Expertise

Creature Lore Mastery

Creature Lore Advanced Mastery

Creature Lore Legendary Mastery

Forager Lore

A character with Forager Lore knows how to gather and process naturally availible materials into useful salves which can be used for various purposes on a patrol. A character with Forager Lore may spend 15 minutes foraging to gather materials to make salves. These minutes do not have to be continuous, nor do they require concentration, but should be roleplayed appropriately or the GM may rule that the foraging is ineffective. A character gains a number of salves equal to their Recognise Smell skill as follows:

Recognise Smell Skill Number of Salves
Proficiency 1
Specialisation 2
Expertise 3
Mastery 4
Advanced Mastery 5
Legendary Mastery 6

These may be selected as the character wishes from the list of salves.
A character is assumed to start the game with 1 foraging session worth of salves, unless the GM rules otherwise.
Effects caused by salves cannot be downcast and are natural abilities. Spell immunity, Path/School Resistance and Disuptive Aura have no effect on Salves.
Applying a salve takes 10 seconds of appropriate roleplay.

Example: Penny has collected a Stasis 1 Salve and a Paralysis 1 Salve. She spends 10 seconds applying the salve to her sword before attacking an enemy and drinks the Stasis 1 salve. Note if Penny had got the salves reversed, she would have Paralysed herself.

A player must carry appropriate phys-reps for salves in order to use Forager Lore.

Only 1 Forager Lore ability may be applied to any weapon at a time.

Salves are only effective when fresh. Salves gathered on a game last until sunrise the following day.

Salves have special targeting rules. A salve can be applied to a willing target with 10 seconds of roleplay, although the target is not aware of what the salve does until it takes effect. Salves can also by applied to unwilling targets by applying them to weapons and attacking with them. This allows the weapon wielder to call the salve effect in addition to their damage on their next successful attack. If the strike causes real damage (not a bruise), the salve effect is applied to the target.

Example: Prospera finds a wounded Drow while patrolling. Thinking quickly, she offers to apply a healing salve to not be slain on the spot. Foolishly, the Drow accepts and with 10 seconds of roleplay, Prospera applies the Double Weakness salve. The Drow is then affected by a Double Weakness.

Example: Brightleaf is tracking an enemy scout and wants to stop them from reporting back to their bandit leader. She applies a Paralysis 2 Salve to her bow. She then shoots the scout, calling Swift Piercing 7 Paralysis 2. The enemy scout has 4 Dexterity as their only protection, which is insufficient to reduce the damage to a bruise or less, and so they are paralysed.

Low Level Skill to learn
Proficiency Specialisation Expertise
Stasis Salve 1
Paralysis Salve 1 Paralysis Salve 2
Weakness Salve Double Weakness Salve
Courage Salve 1 Courage Salve 2 Courage Salve 3
Suggestion Salve 1
Regrow Salve 1
Remove Slow Salve Remove Paralysis Salve
Reduce Weakness Salve Reduce Double Weakness Salve
High Level Skill to learn
Mastery Advanced Mastery Legendary Mastery
Paralysis Salve 3 Paralysis Salve 4 Paraysis Salve 5
Triple Weakness Salve Quadruple Weakness Salve Quintuple Weakness Salve
Courage Salve 4 Courage Salve 5 Courage Salve 6
Suggestion Salve 2 Suggestion Salve 3 Suggestion Salve 4
Remove Petrification Salve
Reduce Triple Weakness Salve Reduce Quadruple Weakness Salve Reduce Quintuple Weakness Salve
Stasis Salve <n>

Duration: 15 minutes
Target: Person
Reduces the effective level of all poisons/diseases on the target by <n> for the duration of the miracle. At the end of the duration, any poisons/diseases that have not been cured/expired revert to their original level.

Note that the poison/disease still needs to be cured at its original level and it does not remove the poison/disease completely if it reduces its effective level such that the target is suffering no effects.

Stasis also effects bleeding for the duration as follows:

Stasis Bleeding
1 Stops any 1/min bleeding
2 Reduces any 1/sec bleeding to 1/min
3 Stops any 1/sec bleeding
Paralysis Salve <n>

Duration: 15 minutes
Type: Offensive
Target: Person
Resisted By: Toughness
A target character touched by the caster and with Toughness less than <n> is Paralysed for 15 minutes.

Example: G’Mord, with 2 Toughness, is attacked by a small Ghoul doing Paralysis 2. As his Toughness equals the Paralysis effect, he ignores it and pounds the Ghoul into the floor.

<Strength> Weakness Salve

Duration: 15 minutes
Type: Offensive
Target: Person
Resisted by: Strength
Drains the target of Strength/Double Strength/Triple Strength/Quadruple Strength/Quintuple Strength.

If the target drops below normal Strength he collapses and most obey the following:

  • Cannot fight or cast spells/miracles (but can activate items).
  • Generally should talk at a whisper (but can summon the energy to talk loud enough to activate an item).
  • Can only move at a slow crawl.
  • Can rest, sleep, pray & meditate and regain Life/Standing/Mana as appropriate.

Weakness effects are not cumulative.

Courage Salve <n>

Duration: 15 minutes
Type: Mental
Target: Person
Courage increases the target’s effective Willpower by <n> when subjected to Fear inducing effects. This miracle will not remove any existing Fear effects on the target.

Suggestion Salve <n>

Duration: 10 seconds
Type: Offensive, Mental
Target: Person
Resisted by: Willpower
The caster gives a one sentence command which must be obeyed if the target fails to resist. Suggestions which cause damage or have a permanent effect are ignored (hence the Suggestion “Run off that cliff!” will have no effect).

A sentence is any phrase without any conjunctions (e.g. and, or, etc.) up to a maximum of 10 words.

Attacking the target during the effect breaks the spell (as per Freeze, Halt etc.).

Regrow Salve <n>

Duration: Special
Target: Person
The touched location (even if it has been severed/crushed) regains the amount of Body Points per minute as follows:

Location Rate
Arm/Leg <n>
Chest <n> – 1
Head <n> – 2

(where a rate is zero or negative no Body Points can be regained to that location)

The location only needs to be touched to begin the Regrow process, it is not necessary to continue to touch the location.

The miracle ends when one of the following conditions is met:

  • 15 minutes has passed.
  • The location is fully healed.
  • The location takes further damage.
  • The location takes any other type of healing.

Severed/Crushed locations start regrowing on -10.

Regrow does not fix a broken location (though a Severed/Crushed location will grow back unbroken). It will still regenerate body points for that location, but the location will remain unusable.

If the character is dead, Regrow will still regenerate lost locations, but a Raise Dead or similar miracle is required to return the character to life.

Remove Slow Salve

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Person
Removes the effects of Slow from the target character. This miracle can also be used to remove Halt and Freeze effects.

Remove Paralysis Salve

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Person
Removes the effects of Paralysis from the target character, as well as the effects removed by Remove Slow.

Remove Petrification Salve

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Person
Removes the effects of Petrification from the target character, as well as the effects removed by Remove Paralysis.

Reduce <Strength> Weakness Salve

Duration: 15 Minutes
Target: Person

Reduces the effects of all Weakness effects on a target by <Strength>. Weakness effects reduced to no effect are dispelled.

Example: Harlock has single strength and is under the effects of a double weakness. A friendly light mage casts Reduce Weakness on him. For the next 15 minutes, the double Weakness is reduced to single Weakness and Harlock can stand again.

A GM may rule that special plants or materials are availible within their game area which can offer salves which are not included in this list. These should emulate effects from casting lists with levels set according to the following guidelines:

Effect Level Forager Level
0-1 Proficiency
2-3 Specialisation
4-5 Expertise
6-7 Mastery
8-9 Advanced Mastery
10+ Legendary Mastery

Trap Lore

A character with Trap Lore knows the methods and ways of making and laying concealed traps to manipulate the battlefield to their advantage.

Setting up a trap requires 30 seconds of concentration +10 seconds for each level of a trap, representing the preparation to craft and place a workable trap that can harm or hinder someone. As part of this process, the Player must place a phys-rep for the trap at the location the trap is. Traps are phys-reped by a length of cord or rope laid on the floor in a color appropriate to the level of the trap as follows:

Trap Level Phys-rep colour
Proficiency Red
Specialisation Orange
Expertise Yellow
Mastery Green
Advanced Mastery Blue
Legendary Mastery Purple

The level of the trap, which determines the difficulty to identify, is chosen by the character creating the trap at the time of making the trap, and can be any level up to or equal to their Recognise Tracks skill.

Example: Watcher, who has Recognise Tracks Mastery, sets up a Trip trap in the middle of the path, and wants it to be easy to see, and so chooses to set a trap with Proficiency, laying out a yellow rope. He also sets out two Spike Traps on either side of the Trip trap, and conceals these more, choosing Expertise and laying out two blue ropes.

Later, a passing goblin warband walk past, and noticing the Trip trap with their scouts, walk into the Spike Traps and break their legs.

A character can set up as many traps as they have appropriate phys-reps and suitable OOC locations of a trap and time to set them up. Traps must not be placed in ways which violate the safety guidelines or create trip hazards.

Traps can be identified with the Recognise Tracks skill. This requires Recognise Tracks equal to the trap maker’s trap level. A player can disarm any Trap they know how to make, as long as they can successfully identify it.

Example: Nate has Rec Tracks Mastery and knows how to make Spike Trap 2s. He finds a Trip Trap, needing Rec Tracks proficiency, when patrolling. He cannot disarm it.

Later Nate finds a Spike Trap 14, needing Rec Tracks Mastery to identify. As he knows how to make Spike Trap 2s, he can disarm the trap.

Later Nate sees Gaheris fall into a Spike Trap 18, needing Rec Tracks Advanced Mastery to identify. Even if he knew where the trap was placed roughly, by seeing the enemy trapper prepare something for example, as he could not identify this, he could not disarm it.

Traps can only be activated by the trap-maker, who can trigger any trap they are in line of sight of at will. Traps affect the closest player or monster to the trap when triggered, within a 5ft radius of the marker. A player can choose not to activate a trap if they so wish.

Example: Nemesis is fleeing towards the party from an angry Troll she’s insulted. Brightleaf decides not to trigger the Spike Trap she’s prepared when Nemesis runs over it but instead wait until the Troll following her does.

A trap maker can trigger the trap by calling Time Stop, followed by Trap!.
The victim caught by the trap will take the effect listed on the Trap or called out by the Trapmaker, pick up the phys-rep, (the trap has been used up) and return the phys-rep to the player trapmaker if able, or if not a monster or the GM.

A player is responsible for retrieving their phys-reps when the players leave a location. Repeated failures to collect trap phys-reps will incur negative points.

All effects caused by traps are Natural. Spell Immunity, Path/School Resistance and Disruptive Aura have no effect on traps. Traps have no effect on incorporeal creatures.

A player can combine multiple traps they know by purchasing the Multi-trap skill. The order in which the traps trigger is determined when they buy the skill.

The ability to create a type of trap is bought individually for each specific trap. The cost of this is determined by the Create Trap skill for the character’s race. Traps of a specific level also have a pre-requisite Recognise Tracks skill to learn, shown above the trap level.

Low Level Skill to learn
Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Proficiency Proficiency Specialisation Specialisation Expertise
Global Entangle Double Global Entangle
Thunder Clap 1 Thunder Clap 2
Flash 1 Flash 2
Spike Trap 2 Spike Trap 4 Spike Trap 6 Spike Trap 8 Spike Trap 10
Subdue Spike Trap 2 Subdue Spike Trap 4 Subdue Spike Trap 6 Subdue Spike Trap 8 Subdue Spike Trap 10
Glowing Mark Trap 1 Glowing Mark Trap 2
High Level Skill to learn
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
Expertise Mastery Mastery Advanced Mastery Advanced Mastery Legendary Mastery
Mass Trip
Triple Global Entangle Quadruple Global Entangle Quintuple Global Entagle
Thunder Clap 3 Thunder Clap 4 Thunder Clap 5
Flash 3 Flash 4 Flash 5
Spike Trap 12 Spike Trap 14 Spike Trap 16 Spike Trap 18 Spike Trap 20 Spike Trap 22
Subdue Spike Trap 12 Subdue Spike Trap 14 Subdue Spike Trap 16 Subdue Spike Trap 18 Subdue Spike Trap 20 Subdue Spike Trap 22
Glowing Mark Trap 3 Glowing Mark Trap 4 Glowing Mark Trap 5

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Person
Resisted by: Dexterity
Causes any plants around the targeted character to tangle together, which trip him if he’s moving (the player should fall to his knees). If there are no ground level plants in the area, the spell has no effect.

You cannot Trip someone who is in the process of getting out of a Grip i.e. has just one leg free.

A usable Dexterity of 4 is sufficient to avoid the effects of Trip.

Mass Trip

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Area (10’ Radius)
Resisted by: Dexterity
Prerequisite: Trip
The caster nominates a point (which may be a person, object or anything else equally obvious) and everyone within 10’ is targeted by a Trip.

<Strength> Global Entangle

Duration: 15 minutes
Target: Person
Resisted by: Strength

Global Entangle traps causes nets, plants or webbing to entangle all limbs on a target. A character with at least <Strength> can break the hold, taking 5 seconds per entangled location. A target who has been Global Entangled is a valid target for Backstab from any direction until they have freed 2 locations.

Flash <n>

Duration: 10 seconds
Target: Person
Resisted by: Toughness
Any target with Toughness less than <n> is blinded (see The System for a description of this effect). With the following additional penalty:

  • The first attack (melee/missile/thrown/touch/spell/miracle etc.) the character makes within the 10 seconds automatically misses.
Thunder Clap <n>

Range: 10’ radius
Duration: 10 seconds
Target: Person
Resisted by: Toughness
The caster claps his hand at the end of the vocals and calls “Thunder Clap <n>”. Any character with Toughness less than <n> is stunned for 10 seconds (unable to do anything but stagger around).

Spike Trap <n>

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Person
Resisted by: Normal Armour, Immolate.
Causes (N) Piercing Normal Damage to each leg as the target’s own weight drives them into the hidden spikes. Forager Lore abilities which do not cause damage, such as Weakness Blade, may be applied to Spike Trap but spells and miracles cannot be. Immolate makes a target immune to Spike Trap.

Subdue Spike Trap <n>

Duration: Instantaneous
Target: Person
Resisted by: Normal Armour, Immolate.
Causes (N) Piercing Normal Subdue Damage to each leg as the target’s own weight drives them into the hidden spikes. Forager Lore abilities which do not cause damage, such as Weakness Blade, may be applied to Spike Trap but spells and miracles cannot be. Immolate makes a target immune to Spike Trap.

Glowing Mark <n>

Range: 20’
Duration: 15 minutes
Type: Offensive
Target: Person
Resisted by:
Glowing Mark lines the targets body with a glowing red flame, which doesn’t actually cause any damage, but does make the target easier to see, even in bright daylight.

For the duration of the spell, the target’s Dexterity bonus is reduced by <n>, to a minimum of 0. In addition, Glowing Mark traps negate the effects of invisibility, causing the target to be seen clearly.