Spring Campaign: The HECD

Spring Campaign starting April 2019

The Circle, the Temple of Freedom and the Guilds of Artificers and Artisans have, for everyone’s safety, put together a joint effort: The Highly Experimental Crafting Division. While on first glance this doesn’t seem very safe the logic is simple – at least we know where the swarms of biothaumically-enhanced lobsters are likely to be coming from…

The Guilds themselves can only do so much to police the HECD, and the other Guilds only trust the new initiative about as far as they can throw it (without the aid of Prof Tornado’s magical throwing arms), so a group of “low-cost operatives” (in case of irretrievable disaster) is being hired to keep track of missing experiments, acquire parts and round up the occasional newcomer who would fit into the HECD far too well.

This campaign takes its influence from the world of Girl Genius, toned down from Science! to magical/miraculous/crafting abilities gone awry. There will be less Epic Doom and more localised morality, and almost certain messing about with anything where we can justify tacking on a suffix of -mancy.

The HECD campaign is being run by Judith and Warren, although given the nature of the campaign they are more than happy to take on ‘guest’ GMs for specific games – after all, the other Guilds do have their own interests to consider, and the likes of the SCP and SOC are still very much around (as far as we know!).
As you can probably guess the HECD campaign is not necessarily a good fit for blood-thirsty or terribly serious characters, although there are no OOC restrictions past the standard ones. Character applications are open – please email the campaign address with your character’s name, race/class, Guild (if applicable) and any backstory likely to have a material effect on the game (or think we’ll find entertaining).

Please send all character applications, information requests and other shenanigans to hecdcampaign@gmail.com