Tabletop Tony Larp Rules

As games currently cannot be run in person due to Coronavirus, this is the current tabletop adaptation of TonyLarp for play as a D20 tabletop system using current characters and mechanics. It is currently in ongoing playtesting and subject to change without notice.

Basic Rules

You have a single life total, represented by your Life pool. Ignore wounds.

To attack: 1d20+WeaponSkill (1 for Prof, 6 for Legendary Mastery)
To defend: 1d20+(TotalArmour/2)+Dexterity
If the attacker wins or draws apply full weapon damage.
If the defender wins, apply a bruise.
If the attacker rolls less than your Dex, you dodge.
Power damage is applied as normal in both cases.

What do special strikes do?

Swift: Ignores Dex Bonus on defence roll
Piercing: Ignores Armour Bonus on defence roll
Through/Undodgable: Automatically hit
Truestrike: Automatically hits. Causes double damage.
Backstab/Sniping/Throatslit: Can only be applied to targets attacking other people or incapacitated.


I’ve got Ambidex: Roll 2 attacks a round, or 1 attack and 1 cantrip. Apply damage separately.
I’ve got Favoured Weapon: Add +1 to your attack roll.
I’ve got a shield!: Reroll Defence once per level of shield skill per attack.
I’m using Claw Hands?: Add the Casting Level/2 as your attack bonus
I have different armour totals on different locations: Add your per-location armour together and divide by 6, round up.


I bought wounds healing, what do? It heals life.
I bought Life AND Wounds healing, I suck now! Reassign one casting chain to something else on the same Path.
I’m tree healing though? Apply both healing blocks. So Tree Heal 5 heals 10.
What about Lay on Hands? Multiply by 3.
What about Drains etc? Same rules as healing.
I’m doing a touch casting! If they’re distracted or don’t see you, excellent, you don’t need to roll. If they see you coming, both of you roll 1d20 plus Dexterity, highest number wins, attacker wins draws.
I have regrow? Convert the points cost into extra standing.


When do rounds apply? Any time there’s combat – roll 1d20 + Willpower for initiative order. Otherwise just play nicely.
How far can I move a round?: 20 ft. max (less if you feel you should or don’t want to).
What can I do in a round? Move once and take an action; if you would normally call Time Stop/Freeze, you can do multiple of that action. You can talk as much as you like, just don’t get carried away!
Can I run? Yes. You can run 40 ft. max in a round, but this sacrifices your action.