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Campaign Submissions

This is a template page for campaign submissions – edit the text as you will, but please do not overwrite it for actual campaigns as you will make the webadminion sad. Anything in italics will need updating, you may wish to remove the italics as well until the page is put to sleep again.

The Committee is now taking submissions for the 2024/2025 campaign year. You can choose to apply for either a full-length campaign or a half-length campaign.



We would like you to include in your application:

You can be part of multiple submissions if you wish.

We will be endeavouring to have any meetings between committee and GMs by 23rd June in order to give GMs (and players!) plenty of time to prepare, but if we get applications before the deadline we will hold those discussions earlier.

Please send applications to the email address by 23:59 on 9th June.