?: Jigen-kan Crater

A Brief Introduction To The Campaign

By partaking in this campaign you have signed up to joining an expedition to a location outside of the kingdom’s borders to survey and research previously undocumented creatures in a hard to reach place. You will be in the care of a group of retired Pathfinders known as the Greencloaks who seek to help train the next generations whilst aiding society. Contact with home will be unlikely if not impossible during this time and safety is not guaranteed.

Monstering and Priority

If there is anyone intending on monstering the entirety of the campaign, please let us know and we will work with you to create more personalized NPCs for you.

Priority for playing games will go to those who haven’t played the Rhonech Island campaign, however we have no objections to those that did submitting new characters or requesting an existing character to join. If you are wanting an existing character to join, please let us know in advance so we can work you in.

Character Questionnaire

For the Jigen-kan Crater campaign, the GMs would like to know the following:

If you could fill in the following as a quick cheat sheet for any time we need to look up backstory details quickly, that would be appreciated:

For contact in regards to the campaign, please send any emails to jigenkan2020@gmail.com

We can of course be contacted individually via our regular emails, however using the email above will help us keep correspondences together and unlikely to get lost.


As part of the agreement between Greencloak Baobab and Chief Kit Carter, the group is to do jobs and assist the village while they are staying in the Crater. Between the games a list of options will be getting put up that the player characters can sign up for, these job options will be done in the period between games and may provide various things for the group. There will be an option each time for characters to effectively do their own thing, with this option the character(s) will be also aiding the villagers with more menial tasks, this option will be more for benefiting individual characters or achieving a personal goal than anything that will aid the party in future games.

To partake in a downtime activity, players just need to email the campaign address ( jigenkan2020@gmail.com ) with their choice and any additional details they we may need to know, how they may act if X is involved etc, and any other characters that you would like to be involved. NPCs may be available, persuadable, bribable etc, however they will also likely have limited availability, so may not be available for all or part of the downtime. If multiple character are wishing to join together on a joint personal action, only one person needs to send details of the action and people joining, however the other players must email confirming that they are ‘working with X’ as their downtime action, if they do not confirm it or choose a different downtime action then they will not be involved.

For the personal option, please try and submit as early as possible to allow for any discussions, rules checks etc to be had.

All downtime submissions need to be in by Thursday Midnight before the next campaign game at the latest. Any submission that arrives later without prior approval or within reason (i.e. arrives at Friday 4am), will be ignored and counted as not having submitted.

If a character does not submit a downtime, they will be assumed to just be assisting with menial tasks about the village.