Drums in the Deep

Welcome to Drums in the Deep.

Fort Nemo is a battle scarred edifice that looms over the Thornwood forest on the Kingdom’s Western border. The recent assault of an Orcish horde has ground the garrison down to a hard knot of battle scarred veterans. Whilst each Garrison trooper is now the equal of several less experienced Defenders, their numbers are too small to properly patrol the area around Fort Nemo.

Defender High Command issued the order to raise a Patrol Hall in the vicinity of Fort Nemo to give the patrol structure a base from which to operate. The mission of the patrol is to clear out the remaining bands of raiding Orcs and Goblins from the area surrounding Fort Nemo.

Due to limited resources most of the magical and miraculous training is provided by Guardian Octavian and Wizard Ellaria, whereas most of the martial training is provided by Champion Tana.

The local grove, recently renamed the Ash-Bough grove due to a fierce blaze that took hold during the fighting continues to offer what support they can to the local population and Defenders. Going so far as to call in favours from other Groves to ensure adequate food supplies, the Ash-Bough Grove is a well known local stopping point for patrols to rest and find at least a measure of safety within. With the death of Hierophant Rudd Threetrees in combat against the Mortarch of Death, the new leader of the local Druids is Druid Spirit Fang, a Badger Druid of calm temperament.

When the Horde descended on Fort Nemo, it left the three main local Orc tribes in a difficult position. Whilst the Hidden Moon tribe joined with the invaders and the Rivermaw retreated deep into the Thornwood and set about a guerilla war against the encroaching Horde the final clan chose neither side and was nearly wiped out by disease and an increasingly hostile environment. In the aftermath of the fighting the Rivermaw emerged from the forests led by their Clan chief Tul Duru, whilst the service the full blooded orcs had done was acknowledged Tul Duru has been warned his people are not welcome near the settlement. As such patrols are sometimes sent out to ensure the relationship does not turn hostile.


There will be a limited downtime system in place for this campaign. After the second, fourth and sixth games in the campaign the characters will have a chance to submit a downtime action. These actions must be submitted by email with a clear subject detailing the character involved and which stage the downtime is for (stage 1, stage 2 or stage 3.)

Downtimes must be submitted no later than the Wednesday after the games if players want a guaranteed return. There will be options to roleplay with the main NPC’s after games in the pub assuming the GM’s have the patience and energy for such roleplay.

Defender Commander of the area: Warden Sergent Vasko

Patrol Co-ordinator and Civilion Liason: Guardian Octavion

Local Druidic representative: Druid Spirit Fang

Local Orcish representative: Tul Duru ‘The Bloody Nine’

All legal guilds and races are able to be played in this Campaign. Please note:

- Your characters will know they are here to clear out enemies of the Kingdom by violence if needed.

- They will be operating with relative freedom as to how they accomplish the objectives they are given.

Feel free to contact the GM’s at Drumsinthedeepcampaign@gmail.com

Extras: The plan for this campaign is to get a fairly gritty feel. There will be moments of levity but the general themes are going to be grim.