The Path of Nature (Draft)

There is a tenth path, the Path of Nature. This is made up of five Sects:

Tree Animal Weather Seasonal Death

A character who follows the Path of Nature may learn any number of miracles from these Sects. The first Sect they learn is known as the Primary Sect. The second Sect they learn from is known as the Secondary Sect, the third the Tertiary Sect and so on.

A Characters Sect order is determined when they buy one of the following sect-dependent skills for a new Sect: Learn Miracle, Consecrate Item, Religious Ceremony or Inscribe Ceremonial Circle.

The cost for a sect-dependent skill is dependent on the Sect order. A Primary Sect skill is bought at its level CP cost. A Secondary Sect is bought at its level + 1 CP cost (note the ‘level increase’ does not effect the casting level of the miracle or when you can learn it). A Tertiary Sect is bought at its level + 2 CP cost etc.

Example: Tiddles, a Human Priest, who has joined the Druid guild as an Animal Druid wishes to learn Claw Hand 2, a Level 0 Animal Sect miracle.
A Human Priest’s base cost to learn a miracle is 2 x (level + 1). Hence he had to spend 2 x (0 + 1) = 2 CPs to acquire it.
Later when Tiddles is high enough Rank, he takes Tree as his Secondary Sect. In order to learn Shillelagh 0, a level 0 Tree Sect miracle, which is considered to be 1 level higher when learning, and hence he has to spend 2 x (1 + 1) = 4 CPs to acquire it.

If learning the Path of Nature as a ceremony (number of Principles is 1), each Sect is bought as a separate ceremony. The Primary Sect is bought at standard cost. The Secondary Sect is treated as being 1 level higher when a character attempts to learn it, though for casting purposes it is still considered to be at its normal level.

Example: A Human Priest’s base cost to learn a ceremony level is (Principles x (8 + level)).
Tiddles can learn Religious Ceremony (Path of Nature – Animal) 0 for (1 x (8 + 0)) = 8 CPs.
Tiddles can learn Religious Ceremony (Path of Nature – Tree) 0 for (1 x (8 + 1)) = 9 CPs.

Any of the five Sects can be learned as a Primary or Secondary Sect, although there may be additional advantages for your Primary Sect if you are a member of the Druid guild.

The Sect of Death is restricted. There are no player accessible Guilds who offer advanced teaching in these miracles and all characters who follow this Sect are closely monitored by the agents of the Kingdom.